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    My name is Huey R. Ruckus. But my friends call me Huey and I been playing Minecraft since years, because things. I guess. Lol.

    "Vision? What do you know about my vision? My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Now ask yourself, Are you ready to see that vision?" ~ Huey Freeman

    In the past, I used to go by the name MerkCraft. In fact, I have pretty much gone by that name exclusively here on Planet Minecraft and on YouTube for several years now. I no longer do YouTube videos as I do not have the time. However, I just recently changed name. I wanted to bring all of my IGN's and Gamer Based Accounts / Profiles inline under one alias...the main alias I have used primarily and exclusively for gaming for over a decade...and that is why I changed it.

    So...My Huey R. Ruckus. Or Huey for short.

    I build Minecraft Maps and various other things. Skins, Terraforms, Textures, Structure Packs, Etc. for my own personal enjoyment...and...well yeah. Also yours. TBH, most of the time I build just for the hell of it. Sometimes because I want to unwind or to try something new. Other times, because you the community has asked me too. So if you are asking, yes...I do, do commission. Which leads me to disclaimer number 1.

    <Disclaimer> Yes, they are exclusive to you as the requester and no one else. Unless you yourself void the terms of our agreement. And no, no they are not free. So if you are interested in a private map, pm me. We can work out the details in my dm's. Just keep that in mind.

    My catalog here atm, is kind of short winded I know. It's weak. I took a lot of my work down a few months ago and to be honest, the builds I have posted here is only a very small portion of the maps I have created. The plan here in the next couple months, hopefully making more of my catalog available to you the community. Fingers crossed. (Plan some TNT and hope for the best.) But they all need to be updated and life kinda caught me mid stride. So just be patient and keep in mind I do work exclusively alone on these builds. I do have a full time job and a family to take care of. So this does take time. Also, it's the idea at least is the longer it takes the better it is? Is that a thing. I think that's a thing. Yeah, definitely a thing. :p lol

    With all of that being must always keep the fallowing in mind and don't forget to enjoy. Ciao!

    I am not part of a build team. Although from time to time I have been asked to either come and help build or to lend some creative incite on a build. Honestly, I don't really have that much time on my hands. So don't take it as a slight if I turn you down. Also, I do not take requests for help on my builds. Just an FYI.

    Lastly, all creations I post here are free to use at your discretion for the purposes of Minecraft only. You may not take creative credit for my creations. You may not post them for free or resale as your own on another platform or media outlet and if you use them to show case on your own sites, social media or as a YouTube video or on any of the available streaming service, or Minecraft Server, etc. You must give credit where it is due.


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