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Journeyman Narwhal
  • ❀About me❀

    Aesthetic Lover

    Lazy and Lonely

    H e l l o
    My name is Imaqine (Pronounced Imagine)

    All of my skins (except for my Easter one that I might delete) are 100% made by me

    I don't take criticism so well, but I'm open to any requests ;3

    I have a sister and brother, i'm the youngest. (Sister's PMC - I'm Here! )

    She's way better than me. x3
    W h a t I d o a n d l i k e
    I play video games way to much, BlockParty on the hive is my go-to game!

    I also play on Hypixel. (Minecraft User- MonkeyBunny)

    Im an artist, or at least I think so, I'm not the best. \(●~▽~●)

    I love pastel colors but sadly, I can't make my skins pastel...

    a e s t h e t i c

    S c h e d u l e
    I will try to post 1 - 2 skins a week.

    with school and homework it's hard. (*~▽~)

    Most likely will post on the Weekends (Saturday, and Sunday)

    Please understand if I don't post a lot! I'll try to get better about it (*~▽~)
    R u l e s

    DO NOT steal my skins without credit.

    DO NOT edit my skins and post them on any website without giving credit.

    Please no hate, or you will get blocked. (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

    You may message me if you need to ask me something, I'll reply!

    I DO NOT make skins for people, and I only do collabs / skin trades with my friends.

    I may take requests now and then. ;3
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    Skin Requests: (I may decline your request now, it's been hard *(~w~)

    Messaging: (I may reply later since i'm not always on

    Skin Request Reqirements
    Gender - ??
    Skin Type - (Classic, Slim)
    Hair Color - ??
    Hair Style - ??
    Outfit - ??
    Outfit's Colors - ??

    Accessories - (Wings, ears, Tail, ect.)
    Skin color - ??
    Eye Color - ??

    *Remember that I can also decline your skin requests due to time management xD*
    To-Do List

    *Have a good birthday?

    *Make a new skin

    *Post a skin

    *Draw actually

    *Reach Level 18

    *You received a cute mystery llama*

    "A wish is something that you want or need, a belief is what you see."


    *Any Picture or stamp is not made by me, The chibis are made by
    Hyanna-Natsu on Deviant Art, The Alpaca stamp is made by ProfileDecor (click their names to go to their profiles) also on DeviantArt*

  • ❦~

    ℓσνєℓу fαиαят
    >Credit is at the bottom of each picture<

    By: ChatieTheDragon <- Click to go to profile,

    By: CaelChan <- Click to go to profile,

    By: Inspirinq <- Click to go to profile,



  • ✧~ ɪ sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ,

    My support stamp! Thank you so much Chatie for making it UwU (Click here to go to her profile)

    \\Support Stamps//

    ~ More to be added in the future ~

  • Wall Posts

    • Imaqine
      August 24, 2018, 11:10 pm to Public
      when I win in bedwars. (On Hypixel)

      in game: gg

      irl: OMggG I got liKE tEn KilLs AnD woN! REeeeEEE

      (ahem I never win solo btw... thank you for the friendo who helped me.)
    • Imaqine
      August 23, 2018, 10:11 pm to Public
      1. Hiyesimstillalive

      2. i'm sorry

      3. I have no motivation

      4. I suck at making skins :')

      5. heyimback
      Imaqine said 2018-08-24 23:08:03
      good JoKe? ehHehehehe...
      Imaqine said 2018-08-24 23:07:47
      ty T^T
      ChatieTheDragon said 2018-08-23 22:54:39
      1. Ohphewithithoughtyoudied

      2. It’s ok

      3. Do you need inspiration? I know some things that are inspiring!

      4. Haha good joke

      5. Yyyaaaaaaayyyyyy
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    • Imaqine
      August 1, 2018, 9:13 am to Public
      I feel sick but I don't know if I am,
      (only got a bit of sleep...)
    • Imaqine
      July 31, 2018, 7:13 pm to Public
      I'm playing to much block party.
      Inspirinq said 2018-08-01 07:38:10
      I’m playing too much Gravity
    • Imaqine
      July 22, 2018, 8:48 pm to Public
      I got fire alpaca but whenever I try to draw with my pen, it turns into the dropper pen. It works with my mouse but not with my pen.

      why is this happening to mee...

      edit: I can't even select a brush T^T

      edit2: I randomly fixed it.
      Imaqine said 2018-07-25 23:12:24
      Okay tyy c: (Sorry I’m late x3)
      enuoia said 2018-07-23 00:54:26
      I don't really recommend Firealpaca, unless you're going to use it to make animations (because the onionskin tool is fantastic for that!)

      But if you don't have enough money to get a better drawing program like Photoshop, Paint tool SAI, ect. then I recommend at least getting Medibang! (Just be warned, it doesn't have onionskin mode from what I've seen!)

      Sadly, it has the same unfixable bugs Firealpaca has, that's completely random, AND the reason I had to stop using it..
      SushiKay said 2018-07-22 21:20:47
      haha if you have any questions about firealpaca, pm me! Also this youtuber, LeslieLuMarie, has a LOT of tips and tutorials for firealpaca!
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