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  • Flare Wars Galaxy FWG

    Flare wars Galaxy

    Flare wars galaxy ( or FWG to those in the know ), is a PVP RP ADVENTURE Star wars Based server, Yes another one.

    But this one has been in the making for a few years, and continues to grow.
    Based on the Star wars Universe movies.and Games such as the Classic Star wars Galaxies, Jedi OutCast, Jedi Academy, Shadow of the empire etc.
    FWG is set in a timeline where all generations meet. from Ep1 to Ep9 including Rogue one and Solo. No need for pointless RP on how a young anakin knows Darth vader. Its just "everything everywhere"

    The server needs no MODS on Your part other than having the texture pack, which is forever being updated. Which you can currenty find on www.itsjustsharky.com

    The resource pack is a mix of Our own work , with music, textures and models. And mixed with some other Classic Res/ texture Packs from over the last few years.
    Star Wars is Timeless. and so will FWG be.

    We have treated FWG as a pet project hobby, and have put so much work into it.

    What you can do.
    In FWG You can choose a class, which you can develope and build and rank up your levels.
    Rebel - Imperial - Bounty Hunter - Smuggler - Jedi - Sith - Gray Jedi
    Go to the website to find out about the roles and their Rank ups.
    * You can change Role at any time but you will lose your progression of youre current class

    You can Have special modeled Vehichles to travers the larger Worlds. or Pet Droids to Follow you around, and Space Ships to fly over the Deathstar and do battle with each other.

    There are Many planets to go to for Quests and challenges. or even Podracing Tracks. (yes Real podracing , none of this slow motion nonesense , fast race tracks. )


    Ahch-to - CloudCity - Corellia - Coruscant - Endor - Geonosis - Hoth - InvisibleHand - Jakku - Kamino - Mustafar - Naboo - Scarif - Tatooine - Tython - Utapau - Yavin4 - Deathstar - Deathstar Trench

    Some planets you can travel to easily But some may take a little effort to find, or Quest to.


    Of course No fun server is a fun server without a little minigame hear and there.
    We have ..
    CTF on a Deathstar Map
    TDM on Geonosis Arena
    FFA on Hoth
    Coruscant Shooting Gallery

    ***Heres the Catch***
    Im "Currently" Whitelisted, as Im still creating...I mean its Done, but Im always wanting to creat more. (its a hobby for me)
    But I am opening it to Interested parties who are real SW fans and want to try it out. So get in touch.

    ALSO: Im looking to put together a team. People I can trust. to help admin this beast once its public.

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      Flare Wars Galaxy - FWG
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      Posted 11/09/2019
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