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    Welcome! I’m jacksonlambert and I’m a Minecraft player that enjoys survival servers, custom maps, and creative and impressive terrain. Go ahead and look through my posts and download anything you’d like too. Just don’t repost it as yours on any site. Thanks!

    [ P.S. -- I have started working on a massive custom terrain creation, which may take a while. Please don't be disappointed if I fail to upload often until this project has been completed. Thanks for understanding! ]
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    For people who want something built for them...

    Email me at: Business.JacksonLambert@gmail.com

    This email is only for people who are serious about wanting something done for them. Please note, that I may not be able to do some things that you may request. If I cannot, I will reply to the email with stating such. Please do not spam, or you may be blocked. Thank you.

    As of right now, my services are: FREE
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