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    My name its Kaito

    and i am here cuz me and my friends decided to post skins

    we started making skins for fun but... i guess we challenged
    our selves to post skins, well some of my other friends are here

    and we follow each other and play alot

    my favorite games are..

    1.Half-Life 1
    3.FNAF1 ( i aint gonna talk about the other fnaf games bc i dont want to make this long )
    4.NES Ninja Gaiden
    5.Doom ( the classic doom not the newer one )
    ( There is more other games that i love, but i dont wanna make this post have 1,000,.000 words )

    also if you want to talk to me personally my dicord account is KaitoRed#1944
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      KaitoRed12234 posted to their guest book.
      March 19, 2022, 7:34 am to Public
      soo umm.. ive been working on a project recently and that why i havent been making alot of fnaf 3 skins already, im gonna give you guys a sneaky peek of what i am doing ( click on "senaky peek" if you want to see what i am doing )

      also in case someone wants to talk with me about the project or anything lol just contact me at discord KaitoRed#1944
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