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  • Some stuff about yours truely


    "What's your gender?"
    I'm a girl. No fancy pronouns n' stuff.

    "How old are you?" I'm not giving that out, just cause this is the inter-webs.

    "What are some of your hobbies?"
    Some of my hobbies are; Drawing, tennis, & reading. Nothin' much.

    "What are your favorite Minecraft Servers?" Personally, I love Hypixel. That's really it lmao.

    "What is your Minecraft username?" killijoy.

    "When did you start getting into skinning?" I started around when I first started to play Minecraft, which was about two years ago.

    "Do you have any favorite shows?" Yes, I do. They are: 13 Reasons Why, Andi Mack, & Steven Universe. (I do not do fandoms, etc.)

    That's all for main questions. If you want a little more info about me, you can read the stuff below.


    Owl City

    (I honestly just really like Owl City's music lol.)

    Bye. ♥
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