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    Hello, we are a Minecraft map developing team with the title of, MF-Interactive.
    We are currently working on The Mickey & Friends Minecraft map, and are aiming for a release of this summer!
    We are a team of three people...
    FantasticFinn - Building, story design, puzzle design, official bug fixer
    cololboi - Redstone help, building supervision, certified hopper puzzle man
    TheRealSwaggyYT - Beta-testing, map inspiration
    We have a YouTube channel and a TikTok account to spread awareness to our work! So go check us out!
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      July 27, 2022, 10:54 pm to Public
      The Mickey & Friends Map release information:

      The full map will sadly be delayed to an unspecified release date. We do not know when it will release, but there are some good reasons to why it's getting delayed.

      1.) Act Expansion
      We want the acts to be more fleshed out and larger for a better and more fun gameplay experience. While somethings may stay the same, some other stuff will change DRASTICALLY.

      2.) DLCs and Secrets
      If there is one thing everybody wants in a game or interactive experience, it's a DLC. This DLC would be very large, and while it is planned to release in a future update, AFTER the full game released, it would still be smart to have a layout.

      3.) Editions
      When the full game releases, you will notice that there will be three different editions/versions of the map. I don't want to go into too much detail but I can name them, to give you an idea. :)

      - The Legacy Edition (Name may change)
      - The Beyond Edition (Placeholder name)
      - The Collector's Edition

      We hope you continue to look forward to the full release of our map!


      Oh yeah, by the way... we hope you enjoy our second beta, coming this August...
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      July 2, 2022, 5:55 pm to Public
      The last update for the Mickey & Friends DEMO Minecraft ´╗┐map will be ´╗┐Update 1.3
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