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    Hi, i'm Mousegon. I like old books, machines and steampunk things. I like to make texturepacks focused on one theme (travelling,sci-fi,paper etc...) and sometimes to have a little backstory in them :) That's it. Or if you like reading, continue below.

    I am mostly making 3D models into my texturepacks. For those, I usually use slightly edited vanilla textures. But if I can't find any fitting texture, I make my own. I'll usually post the texturepacks when they are in playable form, from this point they're going to be updated until their full "version".

    I'm trying to add a little bit of immersivity into my texturepacks, like avoiding situations when the name of item doesn't fit the texture( a rifle named "crossbow", you name it...). I'll try to make them as much detailed as i can.

    Also worth mentioning, I am not going to be commonly active, because of school and work in my home( just to be safe).
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    I hope that Ukraine will defend itself!!( also hope that the war ends soon)
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