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    I'm OneBehindTheHair, local goblin.
    Anyway, I'm a skin maker, and a huge fan of LotR. The books mostly, although most of my skins take their designs from the movies.
    The Orcs are my favorite part of LotR as a whole, as you can see from a quick scroll through my submissions gallery.
    Most of my non-LotR skins come from brief periods of wavering interest in other things.
    I tend to make skins once a week, twice a month, sometimes, so you can always expect one at some point.
    That's about it. Enjoy!
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    • Makaneek posted to guest book of OneBehindTheHair
      March 5, 2020, 12:36 pm to Public
      Thanks for subscribing!
    • Makaneek posted to guest book of OneBehindTheHair
      December 9, 2019, 4:57 pm to Public
      You seem pretty legit. subbed.
    • Gob Smacka posted to guest book of OneBehindTheHair
      July 27, 2019, 7:09 pm to Public
      Have you ever thought of making an Orc from Moria? I think it'd be an interesting thing to try. Personally I think Lord of the Rings Online made an amazing interpretation of these crude Orcs.
      OneBehindTheHair said 2019-07-28 06:23:35
      I've definitely considered it. An Orc specifically from Moria would probably use the design from the movies, since that's where I get the designs for specific Orcs.
      But, like my Mordor Orc, I've also thought about making a book-accurate skin for some kind of 'Misty Mountains Orc' (needs a new name (that name will not be 'goblin')), so I'd get to make my own design for it.
      I was going to say I haven't seen the LotRO design yet; but looking it up now I've found that someone coincidentally posted a picture of one this morning in a discord I'm in. It's a very nice design, so perhaps I'll make it at some point.
  • Orc Stuff

    (Note: All of these are about the Orcs from Tolkien's works.)

    • Orcs and Goblins are both the exact same thing. "Goblin" doesn't only apply to smaller, weaker, and/or cave dwelling Orcs. Orcs already tend to be small and weak, and lots of them dwell in caves, but the smallest and weakest Orc isn't any more a "goblin" than the biggest, strongest Uruk of Mordor or Isengard. Speaking of which, just to drive it home, the Isengarders are introduced as Goblin-soldiers.
    • Did Orcs come from Elves? It's a difficult question. It's certainly the most popularly accepted theory, being in both the movies and the published Silmarillion*, but Tolkien changed his mind about what the original Orcs were bred from many times. First, they were bred from mud and slime. Then he decided that Melkor (the first Dark Lord, Sauron's master, and creator of the Orcs) couldn't create sentient life out of nothing. He then decided on Elves, but this presented problems of its own. After that, he came up with the idea that Orcs were originally bred from Men. Other theories of his included non-sentient bodies, descendants of fallen Maiar in Orc-form, and a mix of several of the theories.
    • Speaking of Maiar in Orc-form, the Boldogs were a concept Tolkien had. An Orc-captain that, despite being killed at least once, apparently appeared throughout the First Age. Tolkien thought of the idea that there was not one, but several lesser Maiar in Orc-form, all taking the title of 'Boldog'. These, presumably, would be the sires of Orcs in the theory that the Orcs were spawned by corrupted Maiar.
    • Orcs don't live forever. This is a common misconception for people who subscribe to the Orcs-from-Elves origin, but Tolkien confirmed they are mortal, and can get sick. We know Bolg, Azog's son, to have lived 142 years after his father's death, and he had to have lived before that event.
    • There are Orc-women. This is another common misconception, for some reason. I blame it on the scene in the movies where Lurtz is born from mud (a possible reference to Tolkien's earliest thoughts on their origin?). Orcs have genders like humans and Elves, and breed like humans and Elves. We never see any female Orcs in any of Tolkien's stories, but they do exist.
    • The tallest Orcs are still shorter than Man-height. Yes, this includes Uruk-hai.
    • Sauron invented the Uruk-hai long before Saruman started breeding them. Some people will tell you Sauron bred Uruks, while Saruman invented the improved version called "Uruk-hai". These people are wrong. "Uruk-hai", like "Uruks", is the plural of "Uruk" (one Uruk, two Uruk-hai, one Uruk, two Uruks). One is pure Black Speech, the other is an Anglicization. "Uruk", by the way, only applies to the larger Mordor/Isengard breeds, rather than just any old Orc.
    • Orcs are good smiths. They're skilled at metal-working, from weapons, to tools, to armour, to torture devices.
    Orcs and Uruks
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