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  • KinjaBang By: TroyBoi Dance Practice
    I was bored. I love Kinjaz and yeah, I made it work. MMD Kinjaz Style. :P Music: KinjaBang By: TroyBoi Models, Motion and Camera to respective owns. (I don't ...

    posted 09/21/2017 12:34 pm

  • BgA Dong Saya Dae Dance Practice [MMD]
    This is just funny to me cause they actually didn't dance that much for their own Music Video. XD Models: BTS V, BTS Suga, My Custom Model, Casual Hibiku, ...

    posted 06/16/2017 2:54 pm

  • "The Secrets of Fruitville" [Nature Entry Build]
    For complete clarification* I added the Jurassic Park theme to the build because one, I was listening to the soundtrack and got inspired. TWO, the forums are ...

    posted 06/14/2017 9:48 pm

  • Purple Lamborghini (ARIUS REMIX) Dance Practice [MMD]
    Pretty sure I used the motion from Glide, I just changed the music cause this is more my style then that. All right to the original creators of everything (except my ...

    posted 06/13/2017 12:36 pm

  • 미치GO G Dragon Dance Practice [MMD]
    I thought this was cool and I had a lot of fun doing it. Motion: Die Young Camera: I did the camera. Models: V (BTS), Casual Hibiku and My Character (the purple ...

    posted 06/12/2017 9:34 am

  • Splegg Tourny 1v1: de_ vs. Smokebonde
    De asked me to do this so I did. You both are potatoes that fight to fast. Less then a minute for all 4. 11/10 guys. ♥ Music: Dusky Hunters - Goodbye to Earth.

    posted 05/26/2017 8:42 pm

  • GDragon "Let's Not Fall in Love" Inspired MC Skin
    This is going up kind of late. I don't really care. XD Enjoy. Also, leaving the link to the KPop collection on PlanetMinecraft cause that's where all of the skins I've ...

    posted 05/03/2017 4:13 pm

  • Clan Wars 2: 6s vs F-Clan [Requested/Late]
    This is hella over due so my bad guys. Since I got banned from this I was dealing with that and the Easter holiday so. ALSO, Reehawk if you fucking see this, ...

    posted 04/21/2017 7:03 pm

  • GDragon "Sober" Inspired MC Skin
    LE Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Just wanted one more day off because of Easter. Also, a clan wars will be going up soon. That's fun. BUT ENJOY CAUSE LOVE ...

    posted 04/18/2017 11:39 am

  • Clan War 6s vs F-Clan [Requested/Reupload]
    Sorry I had to re-upload this. Since the music cause it not to be able to be played globally I had to change it. So Ezkimo, good music just made it unavailable for ...

    posted 04/09/2017 5:03 pm






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