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  • GOT7 SoundCloud Reviews [My Post Under Co.]

    GOT7 Soundcloud Reviews

    So you are either questioning what I’m talking about or actually want a review. So you are getting both.

    To first I would like to start off with that these are all my opinions and my personal review on this. If you don’t agree that’s perfectly fine, I actually would like to hear why since I do like talking to people in comments. But before my reviews, I would like to just say what I’m talking about for those who have no idea.

    For those who don’t know what I mean or am talking about with GOT7 Soundcloud.

    Three of the seven members of GOT7 have their own personal soundclouds for people who didn’t know about that. The members that have soundcloud is Kim Yugyeom, Choi Youngjae and Im Jaebum. How I found out all of these was through instagram, on both Yugyeom’s and Youngjae’s they have posted about it and for JB, got7_fanclub (that’s the username) on that account is where I found JB’s. So if you feel like checking for yourself go ahead. But I will be linking all the soundclouds so should be fine. NOW ONTO THE REVIEWS!

    Def Soul (Jaebum)

    I’m going to start off with Def Soul for two reasons, one I already did talk about Def Soul but since then more songs have been released and this is a review versus an appreciation post. My other reason is there is more songs on his soundcloud then the other two guys so that’s why he is first.


    That is the link to Def Soul’s profile, because I rather you pick which songs or song you want to listen to. Personally I recommend going to the playlist with all the songs and just listen to it and just skip a song if you don’t like it.

    So onto the review part.

    I’m going to try to review these on three to four parts. (-/20)

    1. Quality of the music. (Does it sound like it was made on a phone or more professionally?) -/5

    This scores a 5/5, it sounds very clear, no extra noises or ASMR like noises. So no mouth popping and lip smacking. Also, the blending of the vocals and the instrumentals, I do believe that Jaebum could have made his vocals a little above the instruments but since he is still clear and understandable it’s not really going to affect my score on this.

    1. The Instrumental line. (Is it just a bunch of random sounds thrown together, or is there thought put into it?) -/5

    In this section as well it scores a 5/5 for me. I believe that he or if someone helped him, put some real thought into the sound of the music and not just the vocals. There is a nice flow through the entire songs. These songs have some great instrumental lines to it that I could listen to them without the vocals.

    1. Does the music and vocals flow together? -/5

    Alright, this should also be 5/5, but since I’m picky it’s 4/5. It is for the reason I said before that his vocals should be a little bit louder then the instrumental line. So this might just be me because I’m slowly losing some of my hearing (Don’t blast KPop while you drive!) but during some parts of some songs it’s almost like the vocals get washed out by the music. You can hear the vocals, but you can’t really understand exactly what he is saying.

    1. Vocals. (Do I like them or not?) -/5

    5/5 I absolutely love his voice and the vocals in all the songs. It’s so refreshing to his voice without anyone else’s and no in very KPop style of music. Now my only thing is, can he please release the lyrics!

    This for me gets a 19/20 - 20/20 cause me losing my hearing might affect it or not. You tell me if that’s just me. Also, none of the scores will 100% because of the fact that I’m biased towards GOT7. I’m looking at this as “new” solo artists and reviewing it as if I didn’t know them. The only time I’ll compare it to their GOT7 singing is for the vocal review.

    Ars (Youngjae)


    He’s actually been on soundcloud the longest out of all three guys but I chose to review him second because he only has three songs released and one is a vocal guide for “Hey”. I do like that song, but for this I’m not going to include it since it’s also, GOT7 and not just Ars.

    Review time.

    1. Quality of the music. (Does it sound like it was made on a phone or more professionally?) -/5

    For me this gets a 5/5 nothing about his music sounds like or makes me think it was recorded on a phone. It’s high quality and it sounds really nice.

    1. The Instrumental line. (Is it just a bunch of random sounds thrown together, or is there thought put into it?) -/5

    Here’s where my more or less critique skills are coming it. This is getting a 3/5 for me, a unwilling to give a 3. Listen I wasn’t going to go lower, the instrumental line TRAUMA is quite nice and I like it, but some piano note and my ears do not want to work together, it sounds off. I do know how to tune a instrument so when I hear a key and it sounds off, pretty sure it is. Also this is getting a 3 because for 내하루 (I copied and paste that btw) but there is a point in the song I think it’s just too much going on and then when there is supposed to be subtle instruments you just can’t really hear. (Alright so about the time I was gonna post this a new song was made so I gave a it quick listen. So my change on this part is going to go up to a 4/5, because it does sound really nice but I’m going to leave the reason why it was a 3 there.

    1. Does the music and vocals flow together? -/5

    Just 4/5 right away, the music does flow together with the vocals, but like I said there is a point in the one song where it’s just too much going on and the music and vocals don’t seem to fit together. Other then that, I think it really does work together, just some parts need to be re worked.

    1. Vocals. (Do I like them or not?) -/5

    5/5 I love his vocals. He has a very strong singing voice and he knows how to use it. To compare to when he sings with GOT7, yes I’m glad that are giving him more to sing, but I want to hear it more. So to have him solely sing and to really hear his voice melts my heart in a great way. Like i said he is a very strong singer, and he knows how his voice so well that is sound beautifully. Also, you can see the lyrics, so I mean A+ to that.

    So overall Ars gets a 18/20, I really think it’s the instrumental line that made the score lower, but he is learning and growing. I really think that he can improve and that he will improve. (And I was right! NOICE!)



    He recently started soundcloud, like I said you can find it through his instagram. But since he only has one song, he’s the last one to get reviewed. (I just have to say this. He’s my UB and I have no gif of him. I’m disappointed in myself.) Also, since there is only one song, it’s going to be hard to to look at it like I did with the other guys, but I’m going to do my best.

    But let’s get to reviewing!

    1. Quality of the music. (Does it sound like it was made on a phone or more professionally?) -/5

    This is so professional sounding so 5/5. Nothing about this song says that it’s below that level of quality. I think it’s really pretty sounding and it’s very clear.

    1. The Instrumental line. (Is it just a bunch of random sounds thrown together, or is there thought put into it?) -/5

    AH, I don’t want to drop the score but I’m really picky. 4/5 the reason for this, the beginning of the song has like a 12 second fade in, it’s just too long and sometimes I didn’t know the song started. Also, a little bit before the two minute mark starts a weird fade out to a fade in of the song, I wish there was a little solo guitar there versus some weird 7-9 second silence. It’s just weird and it bothers the crap out of me. But other then that, I love the instrumental line, it sounds so nice.

    1. Does the music and vocals flow together? -/5

    I think they blend together so nicely, everything just flows really nicely so this is a 5/5. When the vocals go soft the music does, when the music a little more intense so do the vocals. This song, everything mixes together really nicely, I can’t even find a flaw, AND I’M LOOKING SO BADLY!

    1. Vocals. (Do I like them or not?) -/5

    5/5, and I’m done with myself at this point. It’s so amazing to actually hear Yugyeom by himself solely. I think his vocals are really nice and I wish he would get more spots to sing during GOT7. But he’s also a good dancer so. He has a very relaxing voice to listen to and it goes amazing with the instrumental line. He also has the lyrics posted so an A+ for him as well for that!

    For an overall score of 19/20 for YUGYEOM. I really did try to look for flaws in this song and to pick at this a lot but it was honestly really couldn’t find any so. I love this song, so I’m expecting more great things to come from him. HYPED!

    Final Thoughts

    My final thoughts are that these guys are doing so well as solo artist and I’m expecting more from them in the future. I really did look at this with an unbiased eye and made sure not to compare it to GOT7 except for the vocals for the obvious reason to see the differences. I found this to be quite fun to make except for the fact my friends started to read this like the secretary in Monsters Inc. in a call. But other then that I had a good time making this post. So I hope you all enjoy it and that is was helpful.
    If you have other opinions I would love to hear it, but please don’t be rude about it. ^u^ Thank you and have a nice day!

    Right, I just put this here from my KPop amino. http://aminomail.com/page/k-pop/8830393/wanai7-dunasanatlitlenasaa-egvdoquagvta That's the link to the actual post for computers. But if you got the app, feel free to follow me. ^u^ That's all just wanted to say it's not copyright cause it's mine.
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