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    So I was going to write this a week ago because that’s when everything went down. But I’m still not over everything and still pretty upset.

    But, Here’s

    The Reason I Missed Seeing My Idol G-Dragon.

    So about a week or so before my birthday, I found out Ji was coming to Toronto, Ontario. Which is the closest concert to me, I was willing to pay the money to see him and I did. I messed up when buying the tickets and got pricey ones but I didn’t care cause I was going to see G-Dragon. But the deal with my mom was I couldn’t drive to Canada since I live in the US, my mom said someone else would have to drive.

    So I got my friend Kaitlyn to go with me, she could drive there and she was slowly starting to get into KPop. I thought G-Dragon would be the best first concert for us to go to. But clearly that didn’t even happen. About a week and some days before the concert which was on July 30, my friend Kaitlyn choose to try to take her own life. She was in her own world in here mind and she believed her world was crashing, this is from what I know. (I refuse to bring up the topic because I don’t want to deal with my emotions.)

    She did end up living, and was evaluated and stuff, but my family and myself believe going into another country in a car with a drive that wasn’t mentally stable.

    This unfortunate event caused me to completely lose any chance of seeing G Dragon this summer since she was the only one that was able to go to Canada with me and actually enjoy the concert. So I lost seeing my idol, my money and the bond with that friend. I can’t look or talk to her much anymore. I mean this is gonna sound mean, but I am mad with her because nothing in her life was bad she just made her own world crumble. But also, I thought my best friend would tell me things like this rather then just doing something this stupid. I was wrong.

    This was something that I really wanted to do, since before school ended and before my birthday. But I learned the hard way life is unpredictable and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’ll miss the Taeyang concert as well that’s coming up because of this incident and I really am sad I won’t be able to see G-Dragon for a long while now.

    I just had to get this off my chest and vent a little. Thanks for letting me do so. ♥

    This was another KA post. http://aminomail.com/page/k-pop/1983529/luquaduduquanwa-wa-aegowanan

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