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  • My Top 3 Kpop Dance Cover Youtube Channels

    My Top 3 Kpop Dance Cover Youtube Channels
    These opinions are mine, so please no fight and don’t say I’m wrong. It’s my views. If you happen to have any suggestions though, leave them in the comments.

    #1 SoNE1

    If you know them, blessed. They are my number one dance cover group for so many reasons. But if you haven’t heard of them click here or check their Instagram out. For some reason out of a lot of groups I’ve watched and followed they are the only group that I’m super excited for and look forward to watching. I’m still subscribed to them and I love them. My Ultimate Bias is Isabel. But seriously they are one of my favorite groups ever, super fun and funny videos. As well as great post updating on Instagram. Like their page is aesthetics to me, just saying. They are fantastic dancers and great people. Also their videos are HD and for me that’s a great plus. They make funny “meme” videos and I laugh but I also really enjoy their dancing videos as well. So go check out this meme video they posted a while ago, my bias is in it.


    #2 ArtBeat

    So I’ve noticed as I go down my list the more subscribers the channels have. Well shit, I don’t care. Anyways coming in at number two is ArtBeat and I happened to have found them by watching to much SoNE1 videos, here is there channel. But they are fantastic dancers, with an amazing director and their videos are really good quality. I think they are kind of quirky but like really amazing. Ultimate bias is Jae-min and you can see ArtBeat’s Instagram here. They do a little more then just dancing on their channel but I personally only watch for the dancing. But like if I didn’t find SoNE1 these people would definitely be my number one, with their such high quality videos and aesthetics again. They also do cool twist one some of the dances (check out SUNMI’s Siren by them). So definitely check them out or one of my favorite videos by them which is right below. (If anyone btw knows where HyeongUk (IG : @jeonhyeonguk__) got his hoodie in IDOL please let me know!!!)


    #3 East2West

    So let me explain why they are number three, cause they the most popular and now I feel like my opinion is gonna sound mean. But here's their channel and Instgram before I forget. Don’t get me wrong though. they are actually really good dancers and I like that they sometimes do a male and a female version. But no matter what device I watch them on it’s always quite semi blurry where I don’t have a problem with ArtBeat and SoNE1. There are parts in East2West videos that are clear but then it goes semi blurry again. It bothers me okay, I like my HD and I like seeing the funny facial expressions. But my Ultimate Bias is Justin Mah, he’s a pretty good Jennie. Anyways should check out my recommend video down below, I think it’s good.


    Now let me just put some disclaimers out here okay, yes some other videos by all of them do get blurry. But with the first two it’s either it hasn’t loaded on my device or do to weather (which effect lighting, which can make things blurry) or pre-existing lights. That it gets blurry. If it’s fuzzy that’s different, that’s do to movement and it happens to everyone. The fact that even East2West video intros aren’t even HD, leads me to believe that the video camera quality is different from the editing software capability quality so it throws it off. I GET THAT! But I also am not a huge fan, East2West to begin with. I like when I can laugh at some funny dancing and even when the dancers laugh is great. I just don’t connect with them like I do the other two groups. DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T LIKE THEM, they just are not number one. I love all of these groups though and I hope they do very well for themselves in the future. I will be following them all, just video wise only two of them. Like I said, if you have any suggestions about other groups leave them down below or if you wanna talk about what I said leave a comment. I reply sometimes.

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