Level 85
Elite Scapegoat

Trophy Case

PMC Movie Night #1

Attending Movie Night #1!
Awarded: 1/18/19

Beta Chat Tester

Helped Test Chat 3.1
Awarded: 10/11/13


PMC Swag Encounter
Awarded: 4/27/12

Powder Puffs

#960 of 1,780
Powder Puffs can be found during the month of December.
The puff ball of snowflakes will roll around your profile!

Awarded: 12/19/19


#68 of 2,283
Ender can be found during the month of October.
The spoopy kitten will prowl around your profile!

Awarded: 10/01/19


#409 of 4,253
Peepers can be found during the month of April.
The tiny spring poofs will chirp and hop around your profile!

Awarded: 4/09/19


#1,152 of 3,280
Batty the vampire can only be found during the month of October!
A rare and sometimes bitey pal that likes to hang on your profile!

Awarded: 10/29/18

Eight-Year Club!

Member for 8 years
Awarded: 10/29/19

Seven-Year Club!

Member for 7 years
Awarded: 10/29/18

Six-Year Club!

Member for 6 years
Awarded: 10/29/17

Five-Year Club!

Member for 5 years
Awarded: 10/29/16

Four-Year Club!

Member for 4 years
Awarded: 10/29/15

Three-Year Club!

Member for 3 years
Awarded: 10/29/14

Two-Year Club!

Member for 2 years
Awarded: 10/29/13

One-Year Club!

Member for 1 year
Awarded: 10/29/12
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