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    Hello, my name is Preebz. I am the project manager behind

    I have always loved pokemon since I was a kid with my gameboy color back in 1999. The last pokemon game I played as a kid was Hoenn, and then I fell more into first person shooters, rpg games and indi games. Fast forward to 2018, and I discovered the pixelmon mod on minecraft and absolutely fell in love with it. At the time, I had no intention on running a community, as I just casually wanted to play pixelmon with a few friends of mine. More often than not though, the servers would end up shutting down, or most of mid-end game content was completely hidden behind giant paywalls which turned me off to pixelmon for quite a while, as im sure it would anyone. I understand the need for some sort of donator store. Servers dont survive unless there is a shop, I understand that. To say otherwise would be living in a fairytale fantasy. However alot of the servers I would play on I would see donator packages for literally $500 USD which is absolutely absurd. I personally feel that when you are out strictly to make money on this gamemode, the quality of the server begins to degrade rather quickly. With this in mind, I decided instead of complaining about servers being unfair, low quality and extremely pay to win, I would take things into my own hands and attempt to make my own server.

    This is when PokeRedux is born... I thought for a while on what would make my community so different compared to the hundreds of others that are already out there. I always noticed that a majority of the servers I would play on would have only one campaign to play through, or was survival. I never saw a server which had, or was working on getting all the campaign maps all on one server. That is my overall mission with PokeRedux. I plan on getting the highest quality campaign maps with workable questlines implemented on the server, as well as some custom fan made maps with custom campaigns as well. The custom maps will be contracted out to professional build teams which have previously been hired by Mojang, Microsoft, Complex and many more notable groups.

    This might all sound like a farcry of a dream, but it happening. Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Jond's Kalos have all been implemented on our server, as well as our first fan made map Pokemon: Tungsten. It does become rather pricey to make all of this happen, not only with keeping the server up but as well as investing thousands of dollars to make more fan maps. As such, we will have a shop. Like i said earlier in this writing though, heavy pay to win really turned me off to pixelmon, and I dont want the same to happen on my community. Alot of our shop consists of Community perks such as x2 legendary spawn chance, server xp boosters and we do offer legendary and pokemon crates. No pokemon will be hid behing pay walls. All pokemon and items will be available as they are in the actual games, aside from Amulet Coins and Payday to keep our economy balanced.

    This was alot to read i'm sure, but I thank you for taking the time to get the backstory of PokeRedux, and get an understanding of where this community will be taken in the future. I look forward to having you join our community.

    - Preebz
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