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  • About the 'bobble

    Wassup nerds, it’s me, Sobobble,
    Sobble with an extra bobble.

    AKA That One Guy
    AKA OrangeJuiceNinja
    AKA the guy who got baffled in the Bafflewoods
    AKA the one man who is better than everyone at everything
    (not really, but if you want to believe that, I won’t stop you.)

    I make skins and music packs but only when I actually feel like it.

    Most of the skins I make nowadays are random OCs of mine or my friends’ creations. I might throw in a Pokémon or something every now and then but everything I make is heavily stylized to my artstyle.

    To those of you wondering if you can use these music and sound packs for maps and stuff, I don't care since its not even my music LMAO so uh, go wild!

    I do read comments so leave some lol.

    If you’re still reading this, congratulations!
    You’re a DORK!
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