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    Sotenbori Roleplay server focused on serious roleplay, scripted scenarios, and events. In Sotenbori, you are free to become many things. Find a job, enroll as a student and make many relationships and friends, get married and settle in your peaceful life however, you can live your life with excitement and adrenaline by enlisting in the police force or even plunder the streets as a 2-bit gangster or join either of the 2 Yakuzas? There are no limits as to what you can do, simply use your imagination.

    Do you enjoy action-packed combat and immersing yourself in a world of crime and excitement?
    Have you ever played on a FiveM server?
    Sotenbori is a Minecraft server, based in Japan, that dedicates to make roleplayers from FiveM/RageMP feel at home by expanding the roleplay possibilities in crime by joining a Yakuza to fight rivals, or go solo and prioritize by printing counterfeit cash, just like in DarkRP.
    The plugins can also satisfy regular roleplayers, as it includes working guns and many commands to help roleplay.
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    With our professional and talented staff team, we were able to create many features to satisfy the regular roleplayer by exploring the detailed and custom made map to fit the aesthetic of Japan. Become a scheming entrepreneur by investing into or owning companies, buying properties and turning them into a store, or whatever you please, you can renovate and resell that property. You can also join a Construction Company as a builder and sign contracts with property owners and start your physical labour! There are countless other companies you can work for, such as City Maintenance, News, Taxi Company, Logistics Company, Clinic or you can work jobs that are funded by the government, examples are a police-officer, teacher and more! You can also apply for any type of jobs you want or apply for a shop on the forums if you believe you are missing out. If you are sick and tired of following laws and rules set by higher-ups, there are plenty other options! Dwell deep into the world of crime and profit as you sucked into the realm of crime as if it were quicksand. We have a custom plugin that lets you print counterfeit money by using money printers, but if you think you aren't making enough money, become a black market dealer and sell illegal weapons and substances by applying on the forums. Or, become a lord of violence and brutalise your opponents in the Yakuza!If you love cosmetics, you are able to buy and customise your own custom cars, items/weapons, or become whitelisted to become an animal! The possibilities are endless.
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    There are countless ways you can make an earning in Sotenbori. Join companies that give you money and work, and all of it is not automated but roleplay to create a sense of realism and immersion.

    CONSTRUCTION WORKER: As a builder, you are required to follow contracts and property owners to fill in their sections of land, make buildings and express your talents.

    TAXI DRIVER: You can become a taxi driver and drive civilians to one point to another by renting out taxis from a company.

    GARBAGE MEN/WOMEN: Become apart of City Maintenance and help clean the streets by picking up scrap from a junkyard and selling them, or maybe follow Yakuza orders and do their dirty work by cleaning up the dead bodies they leave behind.

    POLICE OFFICER: Join the police force and become a local hero! Would you be on a death wish by taking Yakuza bribes or will you risk your life to clean the streets of scum bags like them?

    CASHIER/STORE MANAGER: Manage or work at a store by displaying and selling items for a profit.

    TEACHER: Teach kids in high school by becoming a teacher, will you be lenient, or strict enough to manage a class with no problems?

    TAILOR: Become a tailor by making skins requested by other players. Tailors are allowed to advertise their works on the IC Twitter chat.

    NEWS REPORTER: As a journalist you work and try to uncover true stories to present to your local newspaper. Get paid for every intriguing post.

    DELIVERY MEN/WOMEN: Source and resell products provided to satisfy customers and gain profit.

    LAWYER: Provide legal support for civilians by handling their arguments in court, by reducing someones sentence or increasing it! Your methods do not have to be the most 'legal', as long as no one realises IC, the rewards you can gain are tremendous, yet risky.

    JUDGE: Make rational non-bias decisions for the punishment of a civilian. You can chose to be known for your lenient agreements, or your harsh decisions that can change the course of someones entire life.
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