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    Just a teenager who believes there aren't enough Minecraft comics on this planet; and I'm going to fix that.


    Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
    A: I'm a boy.

    Q: Do you do commissions?

    A: No, I am not skilled enough in drawing nor business for that sort of thing.

    Q: What grade are you in?
    A: Freshman, highschool.

    Which country do you live in?

    A: United States (CST)

    Q: Do you have any social media?
    A: u/Timothis1213 on Reddit, same handle on Instagram. Please follow me.

    Q: What games do you play?
    A: Mainly singleplayer games, examples include: Minecraft, HiTMAN, Borderlands, Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Ace Attorney just to name a few.

    Q: What drawing program do you use?
    A: FireAlpaca.

    Q: What drawing tablet do you use?
    A: Huion Kamvas 13.

    Q: How was your day?

    A: Good.
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  • Bored Drawings

    If I feel unmotivated or creatively broke, I just draw things. It helps.

    "Jean Doodle" (1/3/21)

    "A Christmas Miracle" (12/20/20)

    "Pigman: Absolution"

    "The Chillager" (10/1/20)

    "A Gift For the Queen" (9/13/20)

    "Ouch." (8/28/20)

    "Orion" (7/26/20)

    "Creatures of the End" (7/7/20)

    "The Piglin" (6/24/20)

    "Edgy Boys (And Girl)" (5/14/20)
    Ouch, the edge.

    "The Creative Process" (5/18/20)
    Can't... Think... Of ideas...

    "Alex" (5/19/20)
    The rogue.

    "Jean" (5/20/20)
    Aww, maybe she's not so bad after all.

    "Ender Dragon Expression Reference Sheet" (5/25/20)
    The many faces of the Ender Dragon.

    "The Enderman Scout" (6/3/20)
    Ouch, the edge. Again.

    "Meet the Cultists" (6/12/20)
    They're very quiet, aren't they?

    "Sirius E. Worth" (6/14/20)
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