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  • All My (ONLINE) Friends As Vocaloid Characters

    Pup/GoldenPuppyPaw - Gumi
    Theres no evil vocaloids, so this this is the closest I could Do. Im so sorry Gumi Fans, Including myself xD
    Reason- Well, She kinda changes her crush daily just to Annoy us, Sooooo The song "CopyCat" came to mind, so, its kinda perfect! xD
    Meifi/MeifwaGirl - SeeU~
    Female Neko, Very playful, and fun, But with a dark side that most hope to never see-

    Art/ArtcyGirl + Crim/CrimsonGaming45- Rin x Len
    I know In the Anime, they're twins, But those two always dress alike, because their an item, And i think its SO CUTE!

    Ent/Entailizer - Dex~
    Well... You can figure it out... If I'm Daina, that means... well >///<

    Me/Wulfy/WulflessGirl2001 - Daina~
    Reasoning- Only Female fox, "In Like With Dex" <3 (Plus I look alot like her in my mind)

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  • Welcome to My Page!~ (Scroll down for info!~)

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    Hi~ I'm your typical weird Minecraft geek, Who makes skins, apparently. I just wanted to thank my subscribers For the support! I do try hard to make sure EVERYONE gets the skins they asked for, (Even thou no one has asked) Tell me if you want a character from ANY of the following:
    -Pokemon - Soul Eater - Minecraft (DURP) - Tokyo Mew Mew - Portal - Subnautica - World Of Warcraft - PopularMMOs - Aphmau-Black Rock Shooter-Hatsune Miku (Or any vocaliod) -Fnaf (1, 2, 3, 4, or SL) - Undertale -Hunger Games -Steven Universe - Toradora -Yandere -Dan and Phil - Markiplier - JackSepticEye - Shgurr - Jaiden Animations - Speechie - TheOdd1sOut - LachlanPlays - Glitter Force - Shante - Splatoon - Attack on Titan -
    -Or just the Skins YOU want~ (I take requests) (Sometimes)If theres something you want that is NOT on here, tell me the name of the character, then the show / Game / WHATEVER that its from, then specify which of these it is, i will try to become familiar with it!
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