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Ancient Nether Tribal Shield

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Level 26 : Expert Enchanter
Long, long ago, even before the time of the great Wither, the Nether was a much more dangerous place. Bone Spiders, Arch Demons, and Hovering Infernos were abundant, with their only competition being an unknown, advanced tribal race. This shield is a relic of those ancient beings. It is made with crimson stem and framed with blackstone gold and netherite alloy with tanned hoglin skin stretched on the front. The pattern on the skin is painted in a luminescent fungus oil; a unique decal lies on each shield. It's unknown what the pattern represents, whether or not it represents a forgotten god, old battle stories, or even foreseeing the fall of the Wither itself.

All that's known is these beings defeated the great Wither, freeing the Nether from its direct iron grip. However, its "children," Skeletons and Wither Skeletons, still roam the grounds and Fortresses of their former kingdom.

Inspired from a dream one night.
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