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Nitwit avatar Nitwit
Level 46 : Master Pig
The mix Missing of the nether and the end, Don't be fooled by this small mouth, it is capable of swallowing an entire DRAGON!, His stomach is infinite and much more buggy!, it is very difficult to find it in the end and even more in the overworld!, when it passes through a portal the portal breaks completely!, This creature is the Missingno of minecraft!, when stepping on something it turns into BEDROCK!, it is not possible to lose the total because it is invincible to anything!, Your sound? do not even want to know ... IS THE HEROBRINE IN PERSON!!!
Thanks for reading! and I hope you don't have nightmares ... >:D

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07/04/2020 6:14 pmhistory
Level 46 : Master Pig
Nitwit avatar
PS: in your foot no blood... its netherrack
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