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  • The Island Of Glandia

    Day #3 of making mob skins every day until school starts: Island of Glandia - Chicken
    Island of Glandia - Cow
    The Island of Glandia: Innkeeper
    The Island of Glandia - Koi Fish (Cod)
    The Island of Glandia - Common Girl
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    GoldenScientist Gaming
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    Powder Puffs
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    Hi! I'm GoldenScientist and I love playing video games. I play Minecraft, Pokemon GO (not as often anymore), Breath of The Wild, Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, and Animal Crossing New Horizons. My Animal Crossing name is FoxridgeE9 because back when I first started playing Minecraft, that was my username, but then I sold that account to my brother and got my current account. (The reason why I sold my Minecraft account is a loooooong story.)
    Some of the things I like to do are writing and doing art. Sometimes, I will try to make resource packs for Minecraft, but none of them come out right lol. One of them was a cursed one that my brother was very amused by, and I might post it here. I am very passionate and I want to work in the STEM field someday. I [​eh think...] am an asexual armantic girl :)
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