More accurate Red Fox (Bedrock) Minecraft Skin
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More accurate Red Fox (Bedrock)

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Skipperdogman's Avatar Skipperdogman
Level 40 : Master Birb
The Minecraft Fox is adorable and derpy looking, but if you wanted something closer to it's inspiration then look no further.

I've tried to create a texture that more accurately represents a real life Red Fox while still keeping it simple enough it fit with Minecraft's feel.

Red Foxes in real life aren't just orange, they're a mixture of different shades of Red's, Oranges, Browns, Whites and Blacks. They're stunning animals.
It's a shame they don't do more in the game.

More accurate Red Fox (Bedrock) Minecraft Mob Skin
ModelFox (Bedrock)

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12/29/2020 3:55 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
BirdBrain01's Avatar
How do you add this in the actual game? (I am a dingus when it comes to using files and putting them somewhere)
12/30/2020 5:17 pmhistory
Level 40 : Master Birb
Skipperdogman's Avatar
Finding the files can be pretty annoying
This video is quite helpful and is what I used when first trying to access Minecraft Bedrock files

It has an annoying robot voice, but you can just mute it and follow along just fine

After you get to the correct place, you'll go to textures, then entities, then fox, then open the fox texture file in a programme that can edit it like Photoshop, place the new texture over it, then delete the old one that's underneath, save, exit.

You should probably create a new resource pack folder instead of modifying the actual game.

If you go here;
Then scroll down a bit, you can download a zip file template of the bedrock files. Edit the textures in there, then you can put an unzipped version of it in the resource pack folder that you can find in the normal bedrock files.
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