Steve in Smash - Enderman Recreation Minecraft Skin
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Steve in Smash - Enderman Recreation

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DudeTheNinja's Avatar DudeTheNinja
Level 26 : Expert Ninja Ninja
So, that new Smash Bros announcement was really something.

Plus we have an official rendition of a "baby Enderman", which is cool.

To celebrate, I tried recreating (BY HAND) the texture of comically short Enderman. The main challenge was getting the exact pixel-perfect positioning of the details on the arms, as they can't be done just through resizing the vanilla Enderman's arms. Plus, the legs had a weird gradient, so I tried recreating that too.

You can see a minithread of a slightly better explanation here.

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12/19/2020 5:14 am
Level 23 : Expert Network
SuperAlvin64's Avatar
ah! i accidentally stare!!
wait.. he's smol? can't attack?? WAIT! He has bow?? oh noo he's goin' to shot me D: