Tillager or Totemy / illager undying reviver / re-texturing Minecraft Skin
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Tillager or Totemy / illager undying reviver / re-texturing

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-It's like a doctor but no, He will give his teammates immortality totems or other types of totems.

--history of @Rainbow Slime--

-its like the totem of undying got life and turned into a illager and now hes the illager that has the power to make the different types of totem of undyings.

-and its story is like There is once a village in the plains and there was a villager and his name was Totemy. Totemy was a very friendly villager but there was once a raid happened in the village. There are 5 victims that are caught by the raids. One of them was Totemy and a friendly witch saved them and Totemy said "Thank you, friendly witch!" The friendly witch said "Totemy, you are a very friendly villager in the village. I will let you get the powers to make the types of totem of undyings! Hurrrrbla de hurbra!" Thats why the villager turned into the friendly Tillager. But an evil magic made him evil. Now he only revives the illagers. That is why evokers drop totem of undyings.

-Tillager or Totemy / illager undying reviver / re-texturing:


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