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[1.13 Datapack] Brewing Vanilla and Custom Potions with Cauldrons!

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avatar V_Tom
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner

Minecraft Vanilla Cauldron Brewing

A datapack that let's you brew potions using filled cauldrons.


To brew a potion, just throw the ingredients you would normally put in a brewing stand in a filled cauldron. Always add the blaze powder last, or it will brew a potion with whatever ingredients are in the pot. For example, to brew a Strong Splash Potion of Health, add nether wart, glistering melon, glowstone, gunpowder, and finally blaze powder.

To get the actual potion bottles, just right click on the cauldron with an empty glass bottle.

You can only fill up bottles in survival (or adventure) mode. Bottle filling won't work in creative unfortunately.

The Trade-off

The benefit of using a cauldron instead of a brewing stand is that it is much faster (and cooler). However, the trade-off is that you have to use a blaze powder per 3 potions brewed instead of the couple dozen[?] you get when using a brewing stand. But honestly, if you have a blaze farm it really doesn't matter.

It's Foolproof!

  • You can't brew a potion if there's already a potion brew in the cauldron.
  • Adding water to to a partially empty cauldron with a potion in it will dilute and destroy the contained potion.
  • You can leave a potion in a cauldron for as long as you want.
  • You only get 3 bottles per brew
  • Everything should work fine in multiplayer

Custom/Changed Recipes

  • Strength potions require a blaze rod instead of blaze powder (Example: Extended Lingering Strength ingredients: nether wart, blaze rod, redstone, gunpowder, dragon's breath, blaze powder)
  • Poison potions require rotten flesh as their main ingredient (Example: Splash Potion of Poison II: nether wart, rotten flesh, glowstone dust, gundpowder, blaze powder)
  • Potions of weakness require a blaze rod and fermented spider eye (corruption of strength potion).

  • Potion of Luck uses gold ingots as its main ingredient
  • Bottle o' Experience requires emeralds as its main ingredient. Yes I added a recipe for this even though its the most useless item in game.
  • Potion of Mining requires an iron ingot as its main ingredient. This is a custom potion.
  • More custom potions will be added.

Feel free to make any suggestions.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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