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[1.7.10] Soul Forest 1.9.75 (Ores, Vines, Dimension, Mobs And more!!)

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Goscalyon's Avatar Goscalyon
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
[1.7.10] Soul Forest 1.9.75 (Ores, Vines, Dimension, Mobs And more!!)

There is a wiki available for this mod (Soul Forest Wiki) to explain everything in detail including images. This is still a Work In Progress, as my time is limited. Any help with the wiki is appreciated!

This is my first mod. But I can say that it is becoming quite a big mod.
So far this mod adds 29 new ores, where 6 of those are generate in the overworld, and the rest generates in the new dimension called Soul Forest. In this Soul Forest you can find all sorts of berries to make food of, different enemies to battle and different structures to loot.

Travelling to the dimension
To get to this dimension you will have to create a portal (same frame as the nether portal frame) but instead of obsidian you use Silver Blocks and to activate it you lit it with a Soul Lighter, like you would normally do with flint and steel.

The Gems/Ores
This mod adds about 12 new tool sets and 2 tiers above diamond, more information about that on the wiki.

The gems are found as uncut versions in the wild and can be polished using the gemcutter (combining an uncut with polishing towels and polishing liquid).
The gems can then be used to do a lot of different things, you can make magical amulets from them that can make your battles easier or craft enchantment books from them combining different materials. Some gems can be used to craft weapons and armour others can be used to build with. Many more things u can use the gems for are to come!

It now also includes a boss (The Ice Queen) and a mini-boss (King Kotek) both can be summoned using an item. Additionally you will need to build an altar to summon The Ice Queen as shown in one of the pictures above.

I have put a lot of work in this mod, and ANY new or cool ideas are always welcome. To see my to-do list scroll down to the "To do list".

There is this very neat mod called Not Enough Items (NEI) that lets you see all the recipes and usages for a certain item, so how to create it and what to use the item for. I have used the API of this mod to be able to also see the recipes of my mod so if you find it hard to figure out the recipes (cause it is hard) I suggest you install this mod along with my mod to learn about this mod with ease!

To use NEI you also need the core mod (called CodeChickenCore or CCC) to be in your mods folder.
You can get both of these on the NEI mainpage.


Always install forge first and then other mods that require it.

- Forge : (i have been using version you can try to get newer versions but i can't tell if it works or not.
Download link for forge : Download Page.

//- Have winrar or 7-zip. (this is not needed anymore, although it is usefull to be able to open zipfiles)

Installation :
1. Go to start and type %appdata% and press enter.
2. Open .minecraft and go into your mods folder.
3. Download forge and install it. If you don't know how: (click here for the instructions).
5. Download Soul Forest Mod file.
6. Copy and paste the Soul Forest.jar file into your mods folder (located in .minecraft)
7. Make sure you use a forge profile (To do this, create a new profile and when selected release version scroll all the way down untill you see forge versions - select that and you go to a forge profile)
8. You are ready to play.

Pro tip: If your minecraft crashes when you have just added a mod and you have multiple mods installed, start fresh and install mods one by one.

Please report any bugs, and if you have ideas be sure to submit. Also share your thought about what i have so far!

Known Bugs:
- Shift clicking on a stack of fully charged amulet stones often merges it with broken amulet stones (if present in your inventory) resulting in a stack of broken amulet stones, still usable but with fewer charges....
- Gel extractor can not fill up your gel pot while in creative.
- Custom leaves not showing the correct colour in the inventory or in the creative tabs.
- Some visual bugs when on biomes's intersections.
- Custom slabs can not be stacked to create double slabs.
- Throwing entities (like throwing knifes and frost shards being shot from frost wand) do not have the correct texture.

To do list:
- Fix custom slabs not stacking.
- Fix biome intersections ****ed up.
- Fix frost shards working correctly when fired from the frost wand, same goes for throwing knifes.
- Some other mods integrated in this mod (thaumcraft etc)
- Add slabs of the currently existing bricks and wood.
- Update wiki.
- More custom mobs.
- More custom structures
- More custom trees (when creating new biomes)
- More weapons (and possible changing existing ones)
- More custom plants (mostly flowers)
- Custom potions
- Different amulet stones, different ways of creating amulets.
- Traps
- Armour bonuses/abilities.
- Custom paintings
- [Maybe some custom crop]

I can confirm that this mod is compatible with the following mods as i have tested them myself (even all of them together works fine) with version 1.7.10-1.9.7, a list of these mods are located here.

Please give a diamond if you like the idea of the mod, even if you don't play it. It helps the mod get ranked accordingly in interest and helps gauge its future.

Special thanks to BansaiKiwi for making some of the awesome textures (the re-textured storage blocks for example)
Special thanks to MamiyaOtaru for helping me to fix the problem that I had near the start of the mod.

Mod History:
Current version: 1.9.75 (hotfix):

Latest Release information:

- Fixed Uranium mining level to be 4 (Steel or Cobalt)
- Fixed Gemmeration table removing enchantments from the weapon. It is now possible to repair a weapon with enchantments, but only if you are using a fully charged amulet stone.

Any information related to older versions can be found here.

Please report any errors, glitches or alike as soon as you see one so I can fix it right away!
Also if you want to show off something amazing you made, don't be afraid to share so I can post it (pictures, mod showcase or anything else)!!!



If you like this mod and want to tell others about it, you can use this awesome banner and put it on your profile or wherever you like!


If you like what I have made and would like to help me/encourage me to continue working on this project and spend more time on it, a donation would certainly help. Any donation/amount is appreciated and even if you don't donate but love the mod I appreciate all your support!!
Click here to donate

(New mod showcases are pretty welcome once the newer version is out) as the current ones are quite out of date.

Mod Showcase (By TheAtlanticCraft)

Older Video:

Mod Review (yes another one xD) (By Popularmmos)

Thanks to you all and enjoy!
CreditThanks to BansaiKiwi, MamiyaOtaru, robustushax for helping out!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

38 Update Logs

Update #38 : by Goscalyon 10/01/2016 10:26:41 amOct 1st, 2016

A small but important update, it seemed that Uranium was still unminable (as its mining level was set to 5 (Firyised, which can only be obtained in the Soul Forest dimension which you need Uranium for to get to.).

- Fixed Uranium mining level to be 4 (Steel or Cobalt)
- Fixed Gemmeration table removing enchantments from the weapon. It is now possible to repair a weapon with enchantments, but only if you are using a fully charged amulet stone.

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01/19/2018 8:04 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Unicorn
Matetsu's Avatar
This is super cool!
11/24/2016 3:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Nevik_9191's Avatar
Hey! I found a bug that causes a crash when i kill a mob. ill send you the crash report and log through a pm on Minecraft forums (as it's pretty large) just reply here and ill send it on it's way. :)
11/25/2016 12:12 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Goscalyon's Avatar
Ok, also send me the details of your installation, minecraft version, installed mods so I can see if I can fix it for you.
09/30/2016 2:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SmokeXx's Avatar
I think i have a little bug in the 1.7.10v all the ores Turns in to Tin ore when mined u.u
10/01/2016 11:07 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Goscalyon's Avatar
As you can see I updated the mod, but unfortunately I was unable to find your bug. As by downloading Soul Forest 1.9.7 from Planet Minecraft and installing it myself didn't make all the ores drop tin. Are you sure your version is 1.9.7?
09/30/2016 4:59 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Goscalyon's Avatar
Are you very sure you are on the latest version? I am pretty sure that I ran into that while I was developing the 1.7.10 build and remember fixing that. I will look at the latest version myself first thing tomorrow morning to check your bug and the uranium ore mentioned below. I will keep you posted.
09/28/2016 11:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
AboxCraft's Avatar
Hi! How do you mine Uranium ore?
10/01/2016 11:08 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Goscalyon's Avatar
Fixed it in 1.9.75, don't know why it wasn't fixed in 1.9.7 but thanks for pointing it out!
10/02/2016 9:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
AboxCraft's Avatar
Thank you so much for fixed it
09/30/2016 2:47 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Goscalyon's Avatar
Hey there, I have been getting a lot of the questions about Uranium ore, it should be minable with a Steel or Cobalt pickaxe. I did have this set to the wrong tier in an earlier version, but I believe it should be correct in the latest version, I will do some checks on this this weekend as it seems not to be the case. If it is the case that it is wrong I will send out a small update for that.

In the meanwhile I am slowly getting towards a 1.8 build :S