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[1.7.10] [forge] Bioshock Mod (guns, skyhooks, consumables, various utility items, splicers and instant genetic modification!)

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sigurd4 avatar sigurd4
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Toast
NOTICE: I have practially abandoned this mod. I might update it in the future if I manage to put together a version that works, though I've kind of lost motivation to continue, and moved on to game development. (I'm kind of done with minecraft in general, and it's just really frustrating to fix all the issues that have ocurred in the process of updating to 1.8) If anyone wants to take the source code that is found on github and continue this mod, please go ahead! If this red text conflicts with anything in the copyright section, then this will override. It's been fun while it lasted, everyone! :D

It's here, a bioshock mod! you can find news and stuff about it on my twitter and youtube channel!


This mod is based on a really good franchise of games called Bioshock. if you dont know what that is, you might not enjoy this mod at its fullest.

also: this is a work in progress mod. be careful with your worlds!

Mod reviews and other vids
these are great if you dont have time/patience to look at the feature list and want to quickly see what this mod is about. all mod reviews may be outdated or not show everything in the mod. please note: its mostly my fault, since i haven't made any good documentation for the mod, so just the fact that these people have managed to show off my mod is great and i was not excpecting everything to be shown correctly (unless the video was made by mr. direderp himself). please sit back and enjoy (the topmost ones are the ones that i recommend the most, either because they're of a more recent version, or just shows more of my mod.):

Review by Ayden1235/Carbon1235 for version 0.12 (this guy has been with me since very early on and has come with loads of ideas. Give him a bit of support, ok? He just started his youtube channel.):

Review in portugese by poisonmax/poisonpit for 0.12

review by GreenNuke version 0.8:

part one of a review by Chocomadz.

Part 2:

a review by the famous TheAtlanticCraft. I was close to hysterical when i heard that they had showcased my mod. absolutely amazing! (for update 0.7 as well)

review by ButterJaffa for verison 0.5 (i think?):

a video by me showing some cool stuff while developing update 0.9:

another video by me showing off the tennis balls which while in development of update 0.9:

another another video by me about the really awesome stuff in the recent update 0.12:

check out my channel if you are interested in the progress of this mod, cause i will post more videos with sneak peeks etc. while in development and i am open for feedback.



What features does this mod currently have?? plz??
check the "update logs" tab. there should be a full list and you can see what features got added on a specific update.
So what bugs should i look out for? >:0
here are some notable bugs in this version:
• skyhook/airgrabber can sometimes not hit the hook properly.
• splicers sometimes go backwards in the middle of a battle. not sure if i should call this a bug or a feature. :P
• big daddies have really buggy animations.
• big daddies' arms are tilted 45 degrees to the side.
• crossbow bolts sometimes wont render if you look at them in a specific angle.
If you experience a crash or a corruption or bug or glitch (or typo, even) or anything else that isn't supposed to be there, please tell me, and make sure you provide sufficient information for me to fix it!
Uhhm... I crashed! <:0
Please give me your crash log, or it will be difficult to fix it.
dont make such a mess!
What plans do you have for the not-so-distant future?
all the consumables done!
• all the weapons (in progress)
• gene tonics and gear (planned for next version!)
• all the enemies (kind of begun, but not really any major progress)
eve/salts bar done?
• all the plasmids and vigors (in progress)
audiologs done!
• various props and decorations
• vendors (progress begun(-ish))
• a biome that sea slugs spawn in.
• sea slug adam will be the core component of most of the stuff in the mod. (you can currently extract adam from the slug carcasses which will drop from the sea slugs)
• machines for crafting
• maybe a power system (or maybe use an allready existant one, like redstone flux or universal electricity units)
what plans do you have for the distant future?
• add rapture and columbia as per world generated structures (found in the overworld and the different multiverse worlds)
• only found in the sea slug biome.
• stuff from the mod can be found there without needing to be crafted from scratch.
• rifts and the multiverse (as different worlds and portals)
• maybe songbird (As a boss mob in monument island)
• characters for adventure maps?
how can i suggest stuff?
either here, or on the forum thread.
if you dont want other people to read it, then send it as a pm.
how much experience do you have in modding?
this is the first mod i publish and my very first forgemod. Please be gentle with me, ok? i am a nooby noob when it comes to modding. i have gained experience in the art of modding and writing code, but there's still a lot for me to learn. i have not taken any course on java so there are often things that i dont know about. feel free to help me if you have any tips on how to do things.
i want to make a video/modpack/server with this in it!
Please do! make sure there is a link to this page, because that would make me happy. and i recommend that you somehow give me the link to the video/modpack/server and tell me about it so that i can add it to this page and everyone who comes here can find it. Take a look at the copyright.
How do i use the skyhook/airgrabber?
Hold right mouse button to make the hook spin. While looking at a freight hook nearby and holding right mouse button, hit jump to leap to it. To build a freight hook that you can hang from, put iron bars with at least three blocks of air under it, one block of air in north, south, east and west of the iron bars, and a solid block on top. If the freight hook is valid there should be a sound and green particles when you target it. When you are on the hook you can use the movement keys to jump of it, and hold jump to jump higher while doing so. You can also hold down shift for a second while on the hook to vertically drop off it.
how the heck is your name pronunced??? O.o
How do i make a custom audio log?
You need to make a streaming sound effect in assets/bioshock/sounds.json like you do with a normal resourcepack with the name: "audiologs.author.log" where author and log are switched out with the username of the creator of the audiolog and log is switched out with the log name. Both of these are defined as nbt tags for the audiolog item. The item also has the tags ownerfancy and logfancy which is what the player sees. The portrait is taken directly from the skin of the player with an equal displayname to the owner nbt tag in the item. Also make sure the duration tag is the length of the sound file in ticks (1/20 of a second).

happy flowery, sunshiney and snow-melty spring time (if you are on the northern part of the globe. If not, then happy whatever part of the year you are in)! :D


This mod is copyright ©(2015) of me, sigurd4, Sigurd Sætherø Spangelo because i say so and i have all right to do so as i made this mod and pmc's copyright specificly states that the content uploaded is copyright of its creator. Please read this before you go about using my mod. Here we go:

SHARING: Do not redistribute this mod in any way. There are three exceptions: 1. the mod is a part of a modpack, 2. you are sharing it privately. (Example: giving the jarfile to a friend. Example of what it isn't: uploading it publicly on the internet so everyone can download it from there.) or 3. you have gotten permission from me. Do not claim this mod as your own!

SOURCE CODE: The source code is not public. You may not decompile my mod without permission from me! At least do not publish my code! If you ask nicely and have specific things related to modmaking that you need help with that i have managed to do, i may give you parts of my code. This is only for education and help! Do not simply copy it, and do not claim it as your own!

MONEYMAKING: You can use my mod in youtube videos (i actually encourage you to do so) and earn ad revenue from your videos. Money-making link shorteners are not allowed unless you are me.

DOWNLOADING: This mod is only to be downloaded from my sources (or as explained above, from
modpacks) the websites mentioned a few lines below. Any other websites that host a copy of my mod are ignoring my copyright. I ask you to not download from these sources as they are not only immoral, but are likely to have an outdated, invalid or unofficial version since they are not moderated
by me.

VIDEOS AND SCREENSHOTS: Go ahead! If you share information about this mod, please (i'd prefer if you did, but it is optional) either provide a link to this page, or my username (sigurd4) and the name of the mod (BioShock mod).

USAGE: You may download, install, and have fun with my mod. As a matter of fact; please do. You can use this mod on servers, and on clients and whatever. You can do pretty much everything that you can do with most other mods, for all the different types of usage that i didnt mention. Just don't do anything bad. Please do not use glitches in my mod, purposely, for your advantage, but report them so i can fix it to make it fair for everyone.

the mediafire.com folder that this page on planetminecraft.com links to,
openeye.openmods.info (because they're awesome and i support what they are doing).

I may update this if i feel that it is needed. Follow these rules and stay moral, and you should be lawyer-proof (i am reasonable.) i hate to say it as it might encourage people into breaking my copyright, but sueing people and taking down websites are pretty expensive and time-consuming actions so i'll only do it if absolutely nessecary) I have noticed multiple websites that distribute my mod without my permission and it is very unfortunate. I wish i had no reason to write this, but sadly, some people just have a lack of morals and do not care if they steal other's work and take the honour and money for them. This is to give those a reason to not steal my mod, and i'm sorry if these rules limit you in any way that prevent you from doing something awesome (in that case you can ask me, but do take a no for a no if that's the response you get from me).

this mod is considered a derivative work, and is based on both Minecraft(Mojang owns the IP for this) and BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite(IP owned by 2K. correct me if i'm wrong). both of their copyrights affect mine. especially Mojang's since my mod is physically dependent on Minecraft and its code, while just based on the ideas and such of the games in the BioShock franchise. To what degree 2K's copyright has control over mine, i'm not quite sure, but Mojang has full control over it. follow their copyright terms as well, ok?

CreditThe great people at the forge forums, sekwah41, the rest of team spectral and my dad for much great help. thanks for all the mod reviews. Thanks, everyone who has sendt me ideas, reported bugs and set up servers!
Progress30% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

23 Update Logs

Update #0.13 (minecraft 1.7.10) -the really delayed update : 03/01/2015 4:38:48 pmMar 1st, 2015

here it is:
+added system for elemental damage types for plasmids which give you various effects
  •being in water or in rain, and being attacked with undertow makes you wet
    •higher chance of freezing if cold
    •constant dripping
  •being on fire and being attacked by incinerate or devil's kiss will heat you up
    •chance of burning if dry and temperature is high
    •you give off smoke
  •being attacked by winter blast or old man winter gives you frost
    •slows you down
    •if also wet, chance of being frozen solid
  •if hit by electro bolt or shock jockey you get electrocuted
    •damage over time
    •blinds and stuns
    •screen shakes
    •you give off glowing electric particles
+added gene tonics from bioshock 1 and 2 (mostly from 1) more are to be added
  •combat tonics:
    •armored shell 1/2: reduces damage taken by 15%/25%
    •electric flesh 1/2: electric damage taken is reduced by 75%/100% and electric damage dealt is increased by 30%/60%
    •frozen field 1/2: freeze damage taken is reduced by 15%/30% and melee attacks have a 10%/20% chance to freeze enemies
    •human inferno 1/2: fire damage taken is reduced by 75%/100% and fire damage dealt is increased by 30%/60%
    •static discharge 1/2: 15%/25% chance of electrocuting attackers for 3/5 seconds
    •wrench jockey 1/2: your melee attacks are 75&/175% stronger
    •wrench lurker 1/2: increases melee damage by 50%/100% and silences your steps by 60%/90%
  •no engineering tonics yet because hacking is not implemented and it's difficult to change these certain things with minecrafts crafting system
  •physical tonics:
    •bloodlust: dealing damage heals you with 25% of the damage dealt
    •booze hound: alcoholic beverages give you 10 eve/salts instead of reducing it
    •eve link 1/2: medicals give 10/20 you eve/salts as well as health
    •eve saver 1/2: plasmids/vigors use 10%/15% less eve/salts
    •extra nutrition 1/2/3: foods are 10%/15%/20% healthier
    •medical expert 1/2/3: medicals are more effective by 20%/40%/60%
    •natural camouflage: standing still for 8 seconds will make you invisible
    •sports-boost 1/2: 10%/20% faster movement
+added gear (from bioshock infinite) more are to be added
    •ammo cap: 40% chance of ammo conservation upon gunfire
    •burning halo: melee attacks have a 70% chance of setting the target on fire for 4 seconds
    •electric touch/punch: melee attacks have a 50%/70% chance of electrocuting the target for 3/4 seconds
    •extra! extra!: you get cash the first time you play every audiolog
    •hill runner's hat: 150% speed for 5 seconds after shields are broken
    •sheltered life: invulnerability for 3 seconds after usage of consumables
    •surprise element: bullet damage has a 50% chance of afflicting random elemental damage (ice, fire or electricity)
    •ticket puncher: 200% melee damage, but consumes 20% of your shields
    •better mousetrap: less eve/salts consumption for vigors and plasmids
    •blood to salts: 20% of your max eve/salts is gained from a kill
    •coat of harms: 30% chance of big critical hits (300% damage) if target health is under 50% for melee damage
    •drop cloth: 150% speed for 5 seconds after landing from a freight hook
    •executioner: 60% chance of critical hits (150% damage) if target health is under 50% for melee damage and 25% extra melee damage dealt
    •pyromaniac: 50% chance of setting attackers on fire for 3 seconds
    •roar to life: 20% extra damage and 40% extra speed for 5 seconds and all weapons in inventory are reloaded after shields are broken
    •scavenger's vest: splicers (and more enemies in the future) will drop ammunition upon death at least 40% of the time
    •shock jacket: 50% chance of electrocuting attackers for 2 seconds
    •sugar rush: 150% speed for 3 seconds after eating a sugary consumable
    •winter shield: invulnerability for 5 seconds after landing from or hooking onto a freight hook
    •angry stompers: deal 200% damage when health is under 20%
    •brittle-skinned: melee damage makes enemies vulnerable for 5 seconds, which multiplies melee damage by 200%
    •bull rush: 200% knockback for melee damage
    •death benefit: 2 health (1 heart) is gained from a kill
    •filthy leech: 10% of your max eve/salts is gained from a kill using plasmids/vigors
    •fire bird: all enemies within a range of 4m are set on fire for 3 seconds after landing from a freight hook
    •last man standing: 6 health (3 hearts) is gained for every kill when health is under 20%
    •sky-line reloader: all weapons in inventory are reloaded when you jump off or onto a freight hook
    •high and mighty: 40% chance for invulnerability and 125% damage dealt for 5 seconds after landing from or hooking onto a freight hook
    •kill to live: 65% chance to gain 2 health (1 heart) for a melee kill
    •newton's law: all enemies within a range of 4m receive knockback after landing from a freight hook
    •overkill: kills that are done with more than 7 points of damage within a short period of time electrocutes all enemies within a range of 4m.
*complete rewrite of how plasmids and vigors work
  •much less of a mess for me (it won't affect you, but will make it much easier to add more plasmids and vigors in the future)
  •fixed a few details that i had forgot to make with some plasmids and vigors, like effects upon drinking/injecting yourself with the plasmid/vigor for the first time
+you can now hit 'R' while using the plasmids/vigors to quickly grab your eve supplements
*snow from the old man winter vigor now melts after some ticks
*the animation for the skyhook and the airgrabber is now a lot smoother thanks to partial tick time
* +particles when shields breaks
*prevented block breaking in creative mode using the various melee weapons so that you wont break all the stuff around you
*particles from plasmids and vigors now show up even if they are out of range from the player!
*fixed the gui for the u-invent station
+added fancy hud element for audiologs with a nice portrait of the audiolog author
*splicers now have randomized clothing, spawn with masks and weapons (only melee weapons for now.)

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08/26/2019 1:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
GaigeMaster avatar
How do i download this mod. i'm new to this stuff
12/15/2017 6:20 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Mage
Draconoboris avatar
i am totally putting this in my modpack. great work
05/27/2017 11:51 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
3211lord avatar
hey im a big fan of bioshock and this is the only mod i can find of the game its a shame you have stopped updating it... but thank you for making this mod and if i could have the code i will try to update it and fix the problem and upload it to this website and i will give u credit so please send me the code its a shame to see this die...
02/11/2017 10:06 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
DoYouSeeMeYet avatar
I can't get the freight hook to work
Can you screenshot it so I can see what it's meant to look like?
11/24/2016 9:32 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
upgradestorm1 avatar
You should update
10/26/2016 10:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Miliguino avatar
I still love your mod <3
05/19/2016 5:23 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
upgradestorm1 avatar
This was one of my favorite mods, and one of the main reasons I've been staying on 1.7.10. If possible at all sigurd4, please come back.

we miss you
05/02/2016 3:10 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Dark_Chaos avatar
Hey can anyone get me the github link this guy mentioned?
He didn't post it in the description.
I mean you think if he wanted someone to pick up the mod he'd post a github link.
03/22/2016 12:23 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
mavz28 avatar
Aww. this was a great mod. R.I.P.
12/31/2015 6:59 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
mavz28 avatar
Pls how do u install it(is it like normal mods?) cause iinstalled and the powers don't work, the guns etc. either have missing textures or are 2d and don't work and half the stuff is missing. i have v 0.1.0. is this not the latest version?
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