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Command Logging Controls

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Level 27 : Expert Architect
This mod was written for and tested with Forge 1.16.1. It works in singleplayer and on servers.

This mod gives you precise control over which commands are logged in the chat. Most commands will log some kind of output in the chat for any admins to see. This mod lets you disable this functionality for some commands, and keep it for others.

  • /cmdlog get [command]: Tells you if a command will log output (true/false). Some commands don't log any output, so 'true' doesn't necessarily mean that a command will log output - but 'false' means it will not.
  • /cmdlog set [command] [enableLogging]: Enable/disable logging for a given command.
  • /cmdlog reset [enableLogging]: Enable/disable logging for every command.

A config file command-logging.properties will be created after installing this mod for the first time, or creating a new world with this mod installed. On singleplayer, this file is located in the world folder; on a dedicated server, this file is in the root directory (along with server.properties). If you do not wish to use /cmdlog, you can edit this file directly. Be advised that any changes to this file will not persist if a world/server is currently using it.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.1

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