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For Forge 1.17.1, tested on servers

The purpose of this mod is to make it easier to teleport between custom dimensions. You probably do not need this because Multiverse exists and is well maintained.

This mod adds two commands:
  • /wtp (alias of /worldteleport): Teleport to another dimension. This can be a custom dimension, or one of the vanilla dimensions (overworld, nether, end). The only requirements are that you set a default spawnpoint for the dimension and allow people to /wtp to it. You can do both of these with the /worlds command below.
  • /worlds (allow | disallow | spawnpoint): General purpose admin command to manage access to dimensions. The mod keeps a list of allowed dimensions, which players can access with /wtp. (Note that a dimension may be accessible even if it isn't "allowed:" for instance, you can build a nether portal to get to the nether even if the nether isn't "allowed." "Allowing" a dimension only means that it's accessible to everybody with /wtp.) If you add a custom dimension, be sure to set a spawnpoint for it using /worlds spawnpoint. You will also need to set a spawnpoint for the overworld if you want people to be able to return from custom dimensions with /wtp. In the future I will remove this requirement, and have default spawnpoints for custom dimensions generated using a modified version of the overworld initial spawnpoint algorithm.

This mod saves state in a local worldz.json file and is untested in singleplayer worlds.
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

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