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x02Sylvie's Avatar x02Sylvie
Level 22 : Expert System
I always felt like Minecraft needed more of creepy/scary/horror mods, especially the newer versions!
So I decided to tinker up something myself!

Things are stalking you, it seems like you are cursed..
Mod is active from the very start, prepare yourself for the unexpected!

This modification is meant to make you freak out a wee bit (no jumpscares though!) and pose challenge when mining, building and exploring the minecraft world. It will keep you on edge and provide pretty interesting survival experience!

- Forge 1.16.4 required (might work on older versions, didn't test though)

1. Open %appdata% folder

2. Open .minecraft folder

3. Place .jar file in mods folder

- 0.1 - First Release
- 0.1b - Fixed version number and adjusted spawn rates
- 0.1c - Resolved minor spawn issue
- 0.1d - More areas affected by curse
- 0.1e - Exploration should have some more events occuring now

- 0.1f - Adjusted damage values
- 0.1g - Fixed spawn rates in nether
- 0.1h - Fixed world join spawn logic
- 0.1i,j - Fixed bug with mobs spawning in air, fixed mobs not spawning naturally sometimes, improved AI.

- 0.1k - Fixed spammy spawnrate and rebalanced few things

- Heavily inspired by Cosbydaf's works

CreditCosbydaf (heavily inspired by their creepypasta series)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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