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Rash_NightCore avatar Rash_NightCore
Level 40 : Master Miner

Read this!

Just to remember this is just a fan made addon...this addon was made by rash nightcore do not claim this addon PLEASE if you want to make a content with it please at least mark my name as the creator rash nightcore

New item

Sword handle

Demon slayer V1.5 Minecraft Mod
Demon slayer V1.5 Minecraft ModUsed to create nichirin blades

Water breathing style

Demon slayer V1.5 Minecraft Mod

Thunder breathing style

Love breath style

Flame breath style

Sun breath style

Can't be crafted

New weapons

Total consentration

Gives you speed and strength good for beginners

Training Blade

Used to train

•Damage : 4

•user health : 20

•move speed: 0.1

Bamboo blade

Nichirin Blade

What is nichirin blade ?

Each demon slayer is armed with a special sword called a Nichirin Blade, which is forged from a unique ore that constantly absorbs sunlight, a demon's biggest weakness. Nichirin Blades take on a distinct color when first drawn by its owner, making each blade is unique
A powerful sword that stronger than diamonds also it have special effect on each sword

Nichirin blade no color

Normal nichirin does not really means anything and it does not strong as the others
•Damage : 7

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.1

Nichirin blade white

White mean mist this blade will not make you take fall damage you'll have feather falling effect
•damage : 8

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.1

Nichirin blade green

Green means wind this blade were used by the wind breather•Damage : 9

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.1

Nichirin blade gray

Gray means stone this blade give you extra health than the other blades
•Damage : 9

•User health : 35

•Move speed : 0.09

Nichirin Blade Pink

Pink means love when you hold this blade on your main hand you will get village hero effect ! Because they love your pink blade!
•Damage: 10
•User health : 30
•Move speed : 0.1

Nichirin blade yellow

The yellow blade means thunder this blade have incredible speed effect

•Damage : 10

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.2
It comes with special ability 😉


To craft use a single thunder breath style

Makes you blind but stronger and faster

First form thunderclap and lightning

It gives you speed effect actually to use ability not just by holding it but hold it on your main hand and then switch to your blade you will see that you will have more effects

Thunderclap and lightning sixfold

More speed and damage compare to normal first form

Nichirin blade blue

Blue means water This blade are nearly strong as the black blade and it have different effects
•Damage : 12

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.1

Nichirin blade black

Black is still unknown This blade were used by the sun breather it's strong but not strong as red blade
•Damage : 13

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.1

Hinokami Kagura

More damage than normal black blade

Nichirin blade red

Red means fire This blade are the most wanted blade by demon slayers it will even give you fire resistance!
•Damage : 18

•User health : 30

•Move speed : 0.2

Nichirin blade (mitsuri)

This blade used by the love pillar mitsuri kanroji the love pillar/hashira
•damage : 15
•user health : 45
•move speed : 0.2
•durability : 5000
Comes with her sixth ability

Sixth form cat-legged winds of love

Have 80 % chance to be immune

Nichirin blade (shinobu)

The insect pillar/hashira shinobu kocho this blade is thin and lacks power but it is very deadly my idea to put poison effect to this sword but I don't know how to do it please help me
•damage : 14
•user health : 40
• move speed : 0.1
•durability : 5000

Nichirin blade (Sanemi)

Used by the wind pillar/hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa
•Damage : 14
•User :health : 50
•move speed : 0.2
•durability : 5000

Nichirin blade (muichiro)

Muichiro the mist pillar/hashira nichirin blade
• damage : 15
•user health : 50

•move speed : 0.2

Nichirin blade (iguro)

A unique blade used by the serpent pillar / hashira iguro obanai
•damage : 15

• user health : 50

• move speed : 0.2

Nichirin blade (Uzui)

This blade used by the sound pillar Uzui Tengen if you're on java addition you're lucky because you can use two of them
Damage : 15
User health : 50
Move speed : 0.2

Nichirin blade (Giyu)

This blade being used by the water hashira/pillar Giyu Tomioka it's hard to obtain but it is Worthy

•Damage : 20

•User health : 50

•Move speed : 0.2
It comes with a special skill 😉 but it's Minecraft not like the movie or what so forgive me

Eleventh Form DeadCalm

You will not take any damage while holding it but once you use it (hit) the enemy it will break means you can only use it once also you can't move while holding this

Nichirin blade (gyomei)

Used by the stone pillar /hashira he's strong he's tanky but most importantly he's blind

Damage : 16

User health : 60

Move speed : 0.2

Nichirin blade (kyojuro)

The mighty flame pillar/hashira kyojuro rengoku not really expensive and also very strong since it is crimson red blade

•Damage : 30

• user health : 50

•move speed : 0.1

Comes with his first form

First form Unknowning fire

Buff your sword more stronger and more speed slash your enemy!

New Ores

Used to craft nichirin blades

These ores is very hard to obtain you will need diamond pickaxe with efficient enchantment to get it
This ores spawn naturely
•scarlet crimson ore

•scarlet crimson Iron Sand ore

Demon items

Nezuko blood demon art

Blood demon art exploding blood

Replace snowball can't be crafted

Demon Blood

(used to craft demon weapon and doesn't drop naturely )

Demon weapons

Demon claw (fan made)

•Damage : 17

•User health : 40

•Move speed : 0.3
Special effects will trigger when you hold it on your main hand

Blood Demon Art Invisibility (fan made)

•Damage : 3

•User health : 2

•Move speed : 0.3
This will make you invincible when you hold it on your main hand and remember to always be careful while using it with just one little damage you'll die

Demon blade kokushibo

Damage : 22
User health : 100
Move speed : 0.1

Akaza items

Every items have their own ability

Akaza fist

Immense strength

Enhanced Regeneration

Added new mob


tame it with raw beef , seed , spider eye and bread

Buff hostile mobs

•Zombie now have more health and damage

•Reskinned and resized spider

•wither now Reskinned and have more health rename Three Headed Demon

•drowned have change skin and name to swamp demon

•reskinned npc to demon slayer characters (for beta only)

Thank you for download my add on be greatful to give any ideas on my Instagram rash_nightcore and don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel rash nightcore !
CreditRash NightCore
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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04/18/2020 8:38 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Kateyandere avatar
How do you make a sword? I’m one mcpe
04/19/2020 3:50 amhistory
Level 40 : Master Miner
Rash_NightCore avatar
The crafting recipe still same ❤️ like I showed up here or if you're turn on cheat use command pa:nichirin_blade(number or pillar name)
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