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Dragon Brood Bedrock Edition

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Dragon Brood

Jean (the Minecraft Dragon) just can’t wait to meet you, so she sends her Dragon Spawn Babies and her goons (or Dragoons) to pester you while you get ready to meet her.

Dragon Spawns spawn in groups of 2-6 with a Dragoon on its back (which could be armed with a bow)!

They hover and float above and bomb with Spawnballs that produce a small area of effect cloud similar to Jean’s attack. If the Dragoon on its back has a bow, they can shoot at you too.

After killing the Dragon Spawn, the Dragoon will safely fall to the ground using slow falling, for a ground attack.

Oh…by the way…Dragoons can also spawn in patrol groups of 2-6.

Dragon Spawn (Baby Dragons):
  • 15 health
  • Spawns fly around and bomb you (or other creatures) with Spawnballs
  • Spawns spawn with a Dragoon on it’s back
  • Can spawn anytime anywhere above ground
  • Have a chance of dropping an Eye of Ender upon Death

  • 30 Health
  • Slow Falling Spell Effect Applied
  • Dragoon’s spawn on the back of Dragon Spawn’s or by themselves
  • Usually spawned with some kind of leather armor and a bow or a stone sword
  • They have a chance of dropping an Ender Pearl upon Death

  • Much smaller version of the Dragonbreath
  • Produces an Area of Effect Cloud (2 block radius)
  • Cloud has same effect and damage as the Dragonbreath
  • Very dangerous if you get caught inside this small cloud!
  • Bombing weapon used by the Dragon Spawn

This YouTube video is the first episode of a series that I’ll be doing where most episodes will introduce a new mob/item/etc. that will be uploaded here.

This YouTube video will introduce you to the Dragon Brood, which contains Dragon Spawns, Dragoons, and Spawnballs.

Consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel to keep up with the storyline, check out new mobs/items/etc.

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Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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10/13/2021 8:43 am
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This is an add-on, why is it in the data packs section?
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