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Dungeon Clusters

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Dungeon Clusters Minecraft Mod
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Dungeon Clusters Minecraft Mod :""/
I don't allow redistribution of my mods! You are not allowed to re-upload my mod to another website.
📦 This mod requires "Library ferret" !!!

This datapack adds a total of 4 dungeons :
  • zombie
  • creeper
  • skeleton
  • spider dungeon.

Dungeons are small rooms made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone and contain a mob spawner and up to 2 chests.

With this datapack, you can find clusters of dungeons, up to 27 spawner for a cluster. You will be able to create your most beautiful monster farm with these clusters!

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Elias Rose, Ion Thruster, Praetor's Rejects, Jay Thompson, venem fun, Creative Matthew, Vruth@, LilliePadd, Tishbyte, EbolaChansoKawaii, M Bochem, Spencer Gilbert, Markus B., Telum,

CreditJTorLeon Studios
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19
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