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Minecraft is the ultimate creative tool, and Dungeons and Dragons is
the ultimate game. Why not combine them? With this mod, Chisels and
Bits, and maybe even my D&D lighting resourcepack, you can build
your D&D maps in Minecraft! Playing D&D in Minecraft has many
advantages, most of all immersion. The only way you can be more
immersed in D&D is if you played with this mod in VR. And to
install the companion resourcepack, D&D Lighting.

BUT--I need help. So far I've only been able to make a few of the over 513 monsters in D&D 5e. Here they are.

I will most likely accept ANY AND ALL models/textures made by you, downloaders! You can send models and textures to me on Team Cortex's Discord Server.

So, how do the minis work? The minis are actually mobs which the
Dungeon Master can spawn in with spawn eggs. To move the minis, the
Dungeon Master can ride them and move them in place. Their BASES are scaled so that 2 Minecraft squares equals 5 D&D feet. So if you want to recreate your dungeon, just know that every 5 square feet is made of 4 blocks!


To contribute to this project, read here.

The bases look as the image below. They are 2D squares with the
circular blackstone texture applied. They are slightly smaller than the
blocks they are meant to fill so it's easier to position them without
worrying about being too precise.

The dimensions of the creatures differs. They are modeled at a scale
of 32 pixels = 6 feet. This makes them accurate to the height of the
Dungeons & Dragons Minis Minecraft Mod
Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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