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[1.16.5] Epidemics: Survive and Eradicate (Update 1.1)

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[1.16.5] Epidemics: Survive and Eradicate (Update 1.1) Minecraft Mod

The world is filled with viruses and bacteria that are trying to kill you. The only way to survive is to craft tools and learn the symptoms so you can diagnose and treat yourself. You must gather resources and build a lab so you can incubate disease samples, make vaccines, and eradicate disease!

New Update (v 1.1):

A small update with a handful of bugfixes (see changelog for full list). This fixes the infinite disease bug for the severe strain of the flu, adds a missing crafting recipe for Sterilized Ceiling Tiles, and adds support for multiple diseases at once!
NOTE: Due to large changes with the capability system, there is no guarantee that worlds with the old version can work with the new version. Due to some changes in the update, there will be no issues switching between versions from this point on.

Common Cold:
A common disease that is most often characterized by lethargy, coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throats, and muscle aches.
There is a vaccine which can be crafted by incubating disease samples from a nasal swab.

A common disease that has two types a mild and more severe strain. The mild strain is most often characterized by Lethargy, Muscle Aches, Chills, Coughing, Nasal Congestion, Sore Throat, Headaches, and Eye Sores. The severe strain has all the mild strains symptoms with the additional symptoms of Vomiting, Shortness of Breath, and Diarrhea. The severe strain also has the chance to progress into Pneumonia.
There is a vaccine which can protect against both variants and can be crafted by incubating disease samples from a nasal swab.

An uncommon disease that results from the severe variant of the flu progressing. It also has two variants. The mild variant is characterized by Lethargy, Muscle Aches, Coughing, Chills, Sweating, Sore Throat, Loss of Appetite, Chest Pains, Headaches, Confusion, and Shortness of Breath. The severe strain is the most rare disease in the mod currently and has additional effects such as Confusion, Vomiting, and Diarrhea.
There is no vaccine for Pneumonia. The only way to prevent Pneumonia is to be vaccinated against diseases that progress to it.

Strep Throat:
A common disease that is characterized by Loss of Appetite, Sore Throat, Headaches, Sweating, Chills, Lethargy, Headaches, Muscle Aches, and Vomiting.
There is a vaccine that can be crafted by incubating disease samples from a throat swab.

A common disease that is characterized by Chills, Lethargy, Coughing, Sweating, Muscle Aches, Sore Throat, Loss of Appetite, Nasal Congestion, Headache, Chest Pains, Confusion, and Vomiting.
There is a vaccine which can be crafted by incubating a disease sample from a throat swab.

Blocks and Item recipes
Petri Dish:
Petri Dish
Agar Plate:
Agar Plate

Vaccine Vial:
Vaccine Vial
Nasal Swab:
Nasal Swab
Throat Swab:
Throat Swab
Sterilized Brick:
Sterilized Brick
Dark Sterilized Brick:
Dark Sterilized Brick

Sterilized Bricks:
Sterilized Bricks
Dark Sterilized Bricks:
Dark Sterilized Bricks
Lined Sterilized Bricks:
Lined Sterilized Brick
Sterilized Ceiling Tiles:
Sterilized Ceiling Tiles
Lab Table:
Lab Table

Vaccine Mass Storage Cooler:
Mass Storage
Dried Agar:
Dried Algae, which is used to make agar, is acquired through fishing.

Incubator Recipes:
To incubate a disease first click it with an agar plate to fill the incubator.
Then select the disease you want to incubate and click the incubator to begin.
Make sure to use f3 to keep track of the agar and culture levels in the machine to make sure you do not run out of culture or agar.
To replenish agar, click the incubator with agar or an agar plate.


Vaccines are crafted from the incubator (see crafting recipe section for more details). To get a vaccine, click on an incubator, incubating the disease you want the vaccine for with a syringe. By right clicking with the vaccine the player becomes infected with the disease that the vaccine is for for 60 seconds and takes 2 hearts of damage. After this period, the player will become immune to that disease.

Vaccine Vials:

By clicking on an incubator with a vaccine vial it will use up 4 culture. This vial will store four doses of vaccine, perfect for mass storage.

Mass Storage Container:

By crafting and placing the mass storage container, you are able to store up to 100 doses of a specific vaccine (you cannot mix multiple!). To fill up the container, click it with a filled syringe (increases volume by 1) or a vaccine vial (increases volume by 4). To empty the container click on it with an empty syringe or vial to extract 1 and 4 doses respectively.

The Next Update

The next update is in progress! The next update will include...

- 5 new deadly diseases.
- More lab equipment.
- Antibiotics

How To Install:
1. Download the most recent version of Minecraft Forge for 1.16.5. It should work on more outdated versions but I cannot make any guarantees.
2. Download the mod from the link above.
3. Put it in your mods folder. If you do not see your mods folder, you need to run Minecraft once with forge installed.
4. Enjoy the mod!

Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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