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Firevolley - Create and launch Fireballs!

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avatar adg155
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
Revamped Screenshot! Credits to Sildur for the Sildur's Enhanced Default Shaders.

Ever thought of a 3rd use of a Fire charge? (Because I did really thought of that)
Actually here are the uses of Fire charge.
1. Like the Flint and Steel, can be used to ignite blocks
2. Can shoot a fireball but only thru dispensers.
Introducing the :
Firevolley Datapack!

(Why Firevolley? To avoid being replaced from other Fireball datapacks and Firevolley is like playing Volley ball except they're using Fireball)

Now, You can now summon a fireball (explosion power 2) and hit it like a baseball! Summon a fireball by throwing 2 Fire charges on the ground then hit it with your hand.

[Warning: I'm not responsible for causing any damage on your world. To prevent this, type "/gamerule mobGriefing false" on your world]
[Warning: NEVER MAKE A FIREBALL ON A TIGHT SPACE! (if the height of the roof of your location is 4 blocks below) Otherwise it will explode because of contact with the ceiling blocks. Even with "/gamerule mobGriefing false", you will die from the explosion damage] I will later find a way to prevent this
[Caution: Fireballs will only spawn if the blocks above it (radius 3) is air. To prevent the Insta-BoOm! effect.]
Also please report any bugs you found so I will fix them.

Current Bugs:

Works on worlds in 1.13 and above.
To Install:
Place the .zip file inside of datapacks folder in your world folder.
EX: "...\.minecraft\saves\my_world\datapacks\<.zip file>"

[READ ME!] Notes:
1. Thanks a lot to DiamondPlayables for an idea! Subscribe and check out other datapacks by DiamondPlayables!

2. I never know if any of my datapacks are Multiplayer Compatible, but this would probably cause medium lag so I don't recommend to use this on Multiplayer. If you wan't to have a fair Fireball system for multiplayer, please use DiamondPlayables' Fireball Datapack instead. Downloadable here (https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/fireballs-datapack-become-a-firebender/)

3. Summoning fireball now has a sound (minecraft:entity.ghast.shoot)

4. Fireball Power is configurable at firevolley.zip\data\firevolley\functions\fv.mcfunction and find ExplosionPower:2 then replace the number.


Datapack by: adg175
Thanks for viewing!
CreditDiamondPlayables - For some of the Fireball Datapack's functions.
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : 02/21/2019 8:07:00 pmFeb 21st

  • Summoning fireball now has a sound (minecraft:entity.ghast.shoot)
  • Fireball spawning coordinates height has now been changed from ~2 to ~1.6 so it will be more slightly reachable
  • A under-development secret has been added! (check at the filez)

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  • adg155
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • February 16, 2019, 10:49 pm
Only if "/gamerule mobGriefing false" and "/effect give @a resistance 100000 255 true", you can play Ping Pong with friends using Fireballs!
This wasn't my idea on the first place.

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