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Fishing Is Op || For Mcpe || By GamerFile

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GamerFile's Avatar GamerFile
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
Minecraft But Fishing Is Op Or Fishing Gives Op Item Addon.In this addon fishing will give you/drop op item made by GamerFile. So just create your world kill some spider get some sticks and create your fishing rod. Find a water source , do some fishing and it will drop op item. By this op items you can complete your goals like defeating ender dragon and others.
Fishing Drops Op Item Mcpe

As you can see 👆

There are many op items in this addon

The list is here

▪︎Full Set Enchanted Diamond Armor

▪︎Full Set Enchanted Netherite Armor

▪︎Golden Apples

▪︎Golden Carrots

▪︎ Golden Enchanted Apple

▪︎ Enchanted Diamond Tools

▪︎ Enchanted Netherite Tools

▪︎ End Portal Frames

• Obsidian

▪︎ Water Bucket, Totem , Eye Of Ender

▪︎ Ender Pearl's , Blaze Rods

▪︎ End Portal And Nether Portal Blocks

▪︎ All Mineral Blocks And Netherite Block

▪︎ And Many More (I Can't Mention All)

You can use any enchantments i suggest lure or luck of the sea if you have ,by the way works without enchantments.

How does this work

fishing will drop op item.

Check the images down 👇 below
Fishing Is Op || For Mcpe || By GamerFile Minecraft ModFishing Is Op || For Mcpe || By GamerFile Minecraft Mod


You are not allowed to give direct link of this addon or creating your own and if you are a content creator and making video on this please drop the link of this addon.

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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02/01/2023 3:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
WinryKate's Avatar
Does this work with 1.19.
02/02/2023 7:43 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
GamerFile's Avatar
Ofcourse it workssss!