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Find Your Friends in Minecraft - chat with friends, one-click join friends on any server, share images. 1.6.2 COMPATIBLE!

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Installation (requires Minecraft and Forge installed):
1) Click 'Download Mod' above (video on installing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcpTWBmZgAQ)
2) Unzip and double click the friendsforminecraftinstaller.jar file in the 'FFM_1_6_2_Installer' Folder (or manually install by visiting http://download.friendsforminecraft.com/)
3) Click 'install' to install FriendsForMinecraft on PC/Mac
- your minecraft bin folder will be backed up for you
- Pre Minecraft 1.6, Forge will be installed for you if you already don't have it installed
- Minecraft 1.6 and later, you need to install Forge on your own, and then run Minecraft with the 'Forge' profile after you install the FFM client mod.

4) Launch Minecraft, login, choose Multiplayer or SinglePlayer and start a game (if you are using Minecraft 1.6 or later, then make sure you use the 'Forge' profile before clicking 'Play' button in Minecraft launcher.

5) Register with FriendsForMinecraft (you do not need to the same password as you use with Minecraft, or you can, we never see your Minecraft password EVER, we store your FriendsForMinecraft encrypted so even the developers can't get access to it)
6) Hit the 'm' key to bring up the FriendsForMinecraft UI

Things to do / getting started:
1) Friends - Search for your Friends in the Friends View and Follow them. Or invite them if they are not already an FriendsForMinecraft member. One-click to join any friend on any server. Here is an article on HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS IN MINECRAFT.
2) Servers - Go browse the most popular servers, new servers, most visited servers, your favorite servers, servers your friends are on, one-click to join any server. 'Like' your favorite servers.
3) Chat - Go to Mailchest, send a message to any of your friends (they must be following you too... this prevents spamming)
4) Images - During gameplay 'F4' to capture any image. Give it a good title. Click the link to the image to open up the image viewer and see everyone's pics. Like / comment on pics! Within the main FFM UI (hit 'm' anytime) you can click on 'Images' button to see your pics. Or, while view any user's profile in Friends View, click on 'Images' button to see all of their images.
5) Take Me There! - While viewing any image or server in the FriendsForMinecraft iOS, Android or web client (ffmpic.com) you can click on "Take Me There!" and you will be transported in-game to that server.

FriendsForMinecraft is a service that makes it easy to find when your Minecraft friends are online and share cool places with them...like images, best servers, cool places, etc.

- See when your friends are online
- Find out what Minecraft servers your friends are playing on, and then one-click join them
- Share Minecraft screenshots with your friends and the rest of the world
- Find out the best Minecraft servers to play on, newest, most liked, most visited, your favorites, etc.
- Send messages to Minecraft friends no matter what server they are playing on
- Vote on the best servers, worlds and images (sneak peak at: http://ffmpic.com)

The attached file is a one-click installer that works on Windows and on Mac.

When installed, the FriendsForMinecraft client mod is fully integrated with Minecraft so you can easily join your friends on servers and chat with them across servers at any time. You can also browse newly discovered servers, trending servers, most popular servers, most visited servers, etc... and just one-click join.

See http://www.friendsforminecraft.com for a complete tour of the FriendsForMinecraft service and all of the available ways we give you to find your friends on Minecraft, see when they are online and what servers they are on, chat with them at any time, share images and MUCH more!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.2

20 Update Logs

Update #21 : by nwkayaker 07/26/2013 1:05:01 pmJul 26th, 2013

Now supports 1.6.2!

A bit of a change to the install process.
With Minecraft 1.6.2 installed, you install Forge on your own either before or after you run the FriendsForMinecraft (FFM) installer.

From the new Minecraft launcher, you choose the 'Forge' profile and then play Minecraft. Then just register/login to FriendsForMinecraft once you are in a single-player or multi-player world.

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Make it for Minecraft 1.7.2 and above PLEASE!
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This is like the Minecraft Facebook xD
03/08/2014 4:08 pm
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crashes my game. forgot the log tho but the mod's name was on the very first line.
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This is gay!!!
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fuck you. nothing is "gay" and even if something IS theres nothing wrong with that..
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i hate you idiot
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Don't Be A Hater
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oh shut up
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