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[r2.1.0] Levels -- Weapon & Armor Leveling Systems (Mod Compatible!)

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TheXFactor117 avatar TheXFactor117
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Important! This thread rarely gets checked. Information may be outdated. Visit the official site for the mod here!


Levels is a small, yet powerful mod that simply allows you to level up your weapons and armor. At its core, Levels adds a simple way of using your weapons to gain experience, gain levels, and unlock unique abilities.

Levels is a work-in-progress mod, and things are expected to break, be absent, or actually work. As time progresses, the mod will become more refined, more levels and abiliies will be added, and potentially seperate systems may be added too. Another key feature the mod will have in the future is mod integration, though, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


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Key Features
- A unique leveling system for weapons and armor.
- 6 attainable levels for each.
- 6 abilities for both weapons and armor.
- Mod compatibility

Upcoming Features (b4.0.0)
- A bow leveling system.

While the mod might not seem much, this is its intent. It is not something to be large and complex (though a little complexity is expected). Though, I'm always open to feedback, and if you have suggestions, even if they do not correlate to the mods goals now, I'd still love to hear it.


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Weapon Abilities
Fire - sets enemies on fire for 4 seconds.
Frost - enemies become frozen for 4 seconds.
Poison - enemies become poisoned for 10 seconds.
Strength - the user receives a strength buff for 10 seconds. Occurs 10% of the time.
Ethereal - a portion of the damage dealt is returned to the user as health.
Void - a 5% chance of instantly killing the enemy.

Armor Abilities
Hardened - enemies dealing damage to you have a 20% chance of being stunned for 2 seconds.
Poisoned - enemies dealing damage to you have a 20% chance of being poisoned for 5 seconds.
Strength - the user has a 10% chance of gaining a strength buff when dealt damage.
Immunization - the user becomes immune to slowness, weakness, and poison.
Ethereal - the user has a 5% chance of being fully healed when dealt damage.
Void - the enemy has a 5% chance of dying when dealing damage.


All downloads can be found here.

Levels is dependant on Minecraft 1.7.10 and Minecraft Forge (my recommended forge version is the recommended version). Without Forge, this mod will not work.



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Q. Is this mod compatible with 'x' mod?
A. I don't know. Try and report any incompatibilities with me.

Q. Why isn't there a pickaxe leveling system?
A. Because this mod is about weaponry, not tools. It would be a separate mod I were to do it, but that likely won't happen.

Q. Is the mod open-source like the title suggests?
A. Yes - you can find the repository here.

Q. I found a bug/I have an idea. What do I do?
A. If you found a bug, report it via GitHub! As far as ideas go, you can either create an issue on GitHub as well, or post here, the first being preferred.

Q. Can I use this in my modpack?
A. Of course. You don't even need to ask me.

Legal Information

Levels is an open-source mod, and the repository can be found here. You may use this mod in a modpack, so long credit is given and no money is being made. You may also use sections of code from this project in your own projects. In the end, you can pretty much do anything you want within reason, but the mod is licensed under the GPL V2 license, so projects using Levels code must also be open-source.

You may not copy the entirety of the mod, and call it your own. You may not use this mod in a modpack with AdFly links and such. I have the right to the mod, and can revoke modpack rights and such if I deem necessary.


*Note* - Go to the MCF thread if you have any questions or suggestions. The chances I respond here are low.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

9 Update Logs

r2.1.0 : by TheXFactor117 11/28/2015 10:05:40 pmNov 28th, 2015

+ Re-added abilities!
+ Added 5 new abilities, Elemental (Rare), Darkness (Rare), Light (Rare), Bloodlust (Legendary), and Sting (Ancient).
+ Abilities now come in rarities, as aforementioned, ranging from Uncommon to Ancient.
* Tweaked weapon rarity weights. Essentially made it easier for higher rarities besides Basic.
* Fixes issue with language files not reading certain names.
* Changed drop rates of swords from monsters.

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11/26/2015 2:20 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
ShiizlL avatar
When you win level,you win special effect for your sword ?
11/28/2015 10:06 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
TheXFactor117 avatar
Use r2.1.0, as I've re-added abilities in this version.
09/26/2015 1:29 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
TheXFactor117 avatar
I've added several configuration options for those who wanted them.

Also, the weapon rarity system has been finished. You can look at the details here.
09/08/2015 6:37 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
Jp3x3 avatar
Can this work in multiplayer?
09/08/2015 6:42 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
TheXFactor117 avatar
Should be working fine right now. I haven't tested it yet, but will whenever I get a chance. If you want to try it on a forge server and report back, that would be appreciated. Both the client and server will need the mod, though the client might not need it. Again, haven't tested it yet.
09/07/2015 10:06 am
Level 34 : Artisan Cake
Danthecakeman avatar
I like this. Pretty cool :)
09/07/2015 10:27 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
TheXFactor117 avatar
Glad you like it :)
09/07/2015 9:48 am
Level 36 : Artisan Bunny
IHeartMustache avatar
What about a looting level where any mob you kill has a 40% chance of dropping 5x its normal drops.
09/07/2015 10:29 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Programmer
TheXFactor117 avatar
Anything is possible right now - I'll likely add more abilities pertaining to simply damage and loot received. Right now though, my main priority is mod compatibility.
09/06/2015 10:32 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Necromancer
Hydraheads avatar
Wow, this is amazing! Is it possible you can make it more "universal"? I mean, if all items that deal damage values could level up and all armors registered as armor could also level up? That way axes and modded tools would level up too.

Why I'm asking this is because some weapons in my modpack are devalued eventually and I'm wondering if you can make it so the "awesome" looking weak 3D weapons with built-in special abilities can level up too.

I know in the faq you go over mod compatibilty, but most people who play mods play them in packs. Either way, I support your mod and here's a shiny diamond for you!
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