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avatar Savoureux
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Hello! I present you my first mod , created with Mcreator. Onicraft is a mod based on the ancient japanese folklore , it includes mobs , weapons , armors and other stuff. I used the texture pack Mizuno's 16 texture pack wish is perfect to play with this mod.


The Onis (demons in japanese ) are aggresive mobs , wich attacks you and are pretty hard to fight . There are 4 types of Onis , the Fire Oni , The Mountain Oni , the Snow Oni and the Forest Oni. You can find them in their biomes ( mesas for the fire oni).

The Tanukis are some peacefull creatures that just move sometimes. The cant be tamed.

The kitsune are the servitors of the godess Inari , and the fight back if they're attacked.

The samurais are bugged , im trying to fix their texture.

Weapons :
(All crafts are in the imgur gallery)

The katana is a very powerfull sword , better than a diamond sword.

The yari is the spear of the samurais.


The tamahagane is the japanese steel .Used to craft weapons and armors .

Armors are in two colours , red and blue . They are pretty strong.

Noodles are just ..... noodles.

There is some hidden achievements , i let you find them!

The end: Im sorry of my bad english , im french. I hope you will enjoy that first version , feel free to comment and give me feedback on bugs and some things you want to be changed or new features. See ya!

The imgur gallery : imgur.com/a/rGC7tXh
Progress25% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15
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