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Plasma Tech

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Level 40 : Master Artist

Plasma Tech is a mod which adds new tools, weapons, and a dimension, all originating from plasma. This is my first mod that I have been working on during my free time for a long time and hopefully soon i will complete it.


The content within this mod is quite "endgame" since you would need to have had killed the wither to get started on this modded journey. All you need is to convert a nether star into 32 pieces of plasma using a crafting table.
Plasma Tech Minecraft Mod

Plasma Set:
A basic armor and tool set that's slightly stronger than netherite. The armor gives bonus status effects. Tools are crafted using diamond rods instead of sticks.
Plasma Tech Minecraft Mod

Plasma Ray Guns:
The more fun and interesting thing to make with plasma is the plasma ray gun! By combining a muzzle, barrel, core, and trigger in a crafting table, you can make your very own powerful ranged weapon. You will also have to craft its fuel. Shooting enemies deals 15 attack damage per hit.
Plasma Tech Minecraft Mod

The ray guns can be upgraded to have unique abilities and effects. Specialized fuel can be crafted then added to the ray gun to fabricate the 7 different types:
  • Freezing:immobilizes the target for a few seconds.
  • Incineration:burns the target.
  • Poison:Applies poison to the target for a few seconds.
  • Healing:Applies instant health V to the target.
  • Repulsion:Knocks back target really far.
  • Levitation:Applies levitation effect to the target for a few seconds.
  • Void: Instantly kills the target. (Very expensive to craft its fuel and also yields less than other fuels when crafting)


A new dimension: A far away planet with new materials waiting to be discovered. Travelling to Kepler-701D requires a portal setup made of translocator frames connected to a computer and activated using an activator (very creative name right there).

Exoterran Forest:
Kepler-701D is covered in an alien woodland with pink trees, blue dirt, and surprisingly earth-like mobs. Blobfish and giant isopods will be the main source of food, but watch out for aglerfish, sentient crystals, flying jellyfish, and giant siphonophores (and endermen too). Occasionally you might find an abandoned lab with some useful loot, but beware of the zombified doctors and scientists within them.

Dark Matter and Antimatter:
Two rare substances that can be found deep underground in deposits. To purify them you will need to put them into a particle accelerator powered by copper electrodes. You will need quite a lot of titanium to craft the particle accelerator. Dark matter and antimatter can produce even more powerful sets of armor and tools, but they can make some other mighty things too.


The content mentioned above is just the most important stuff, there's a number of other things this mod adds too!
  • A selection of decorative blocks for Kepler-701D.
  • Bazookas and massive TNT! (Use nukes, Tsar Bombas, and antimatter bombs with caution!)
  • Injections: Can apply positive effects, negative effects, clear all effects, or even tame some mobs.
  • The Almighty Yeet Ducc: A huge duck found in shrines far out into the ocean. Tame him, or obtain his magic Yeet Sticc (it yeets things very very far).
  • Some new potions.

This mod is still a works in progress so there will be bugs and missing features. If you notice any problems please tell me!
CreditThis mod was made using MCreator!
Progress85% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

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01/09/2023 12:00 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
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please tell me how to find steel ingot! ! ! ! ! !
01/09/2023 2:24 am
Level 40 : Master Artist
PartySpider_199 avatar
Steel ingots are crafted using an iron ingot and a piece of coal
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