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(This is for Minecraft 1.15.2! There is a backport on Curseforge for 1.14.4)

This is just a bunch of random stuff that I wanted to add to the game. It has NO topic, theme, or background. It's just completely random. It has Backpacks, Guns, Ninja Pigs, Dimensions, Music by Blacklite District, Alien Ship landers, Easier ways to get to the End, and SO much more.

Latest Update: The RPG update (1.6.0)

Everything is super powerful in this mod. The Monsters can one-shot a player in full Diamond armor. The strongest chestplate gives 60 armor points. The strongest weapon deals 60 melee damage.

Normal enemies have 60 health! The Final boss has 5 stages, each one has 1,024 health! This all makes diamonds look pretty worthless. So that's why in the DSpace Dimension (You need the DRAGON EGG to get there) there is a Diamond Forest biome. I mean, it is post-Ender Dragon, You probably have stronger materials and gear by that point.

Feel free to put this in your modpacks.

Join the Official Discord server to get leaks about new updates.

Special thanks to Blacklite District for the Music used in this mod.

This mod will grow forever!
CreditBlacklite District for Music ; Catprinces88 for some Ideas ; HaxxorNet for Testing the mod
Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

2 Update Logs

The RPG Update - 1.6.0 : 08/31/2020 8:54:24 amAug 31st

Surprise! We are now on 1.6.0 with some very crazy new features!

-/fasttime: Makes Time go MUCH faster. Mostly used for survival challenges.

-Fatigue System: If You don't sleep in a bed for a while, a very annoying overlay will appear and you won't be able to place blocks!

-Black Brick: A special type of brick that is creative only and unbreakable. Useful for Map Makers to do some cool things.

-The Oasis water station: An uncommon structure that has Water Fountains and water bottles to replenish your thirst.

-/setthirst: A new command that can set the number value of your thirst meter.

-/setfatigue: Same as /setthirst, but for the new Fatigue system

-Player Profile: Press the "P" key to bring up a special profile card that has all your important stuff

-Class System: When You join a world, you get a Class Selector Book. It allows you to choose a class from a list. Each Class has special abilities or exclusive Items:

-Mage: You get the "Mage Spellbook" , an Enchanted Golden Apple, and Enchanting stuff.

-Farmer: You Get XP and 1 heart of health when you use a hoe. You Also get all sorts of farming stuff when you select your class.

-Warrior: You get Extra Hearts, a special sword, and a full set of Cobalt Armor

-Fisherman: You get all Water stuff (Boats, Fishing Poles, and Turtle Shells) and when you catch something when fishing, you get extra stuff

-Craftsman: When you select the class, you get a Diamond Sword and copper armor. Whenever you craft stuff, you Regenerate and gain XP.

-Magic Wands (Wood and Iron): They can shoot magic bolts and allow you to do a super jump.

Lots and LOTS of bug fixes
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