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Total Computers [Bukkit Plugin]

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Level 26 : Expert Modder
!!! Never open OpenGL applications if your server hardware does not support modern OpenGL API !!!

Latest updates available on discord server.

Total Computers plugin allows to create computers in vanilla minecraft with it own operating system.

Plugin is currently under active development.

Some videos:

Tutorial (French, by Halou)

NES emulator showcase

Plugin showcase

Some features:

  • Custom OS
  • OS installer
  • VirtualBox support [​beta] (Run any operating system in vanilla minecraft =) But with some limitations)
  • Clientbound computers (See information below)
  • NES and GBC Emulators
  • Web Browser
  • Jukebox
  • Video Player
  • App Store
  • OpenGL applications support
  • C++ Applications support (Beta) (Be careful, as it may crash server)
  • Console applications support
  • Possibility to create applications (See more information below if you are interested)
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Some essential software (there will be more in the future)

    Installation guide:

    1. This plugin requires Java 16 version or above.
    2. Put .jar file in plugins folder
    3. Restart or run your server

    Using audio:

    1. Make sure ports 7254 and 7255 are free
    2. Type `/tcmp sound' and follow the instructions

    Computer creation:

    1. Enable selection (/tcmp selection enable)
    2. Select screen area with wand (/tcmp wand) in mand hand (Width should be at least 4 blocks and height should be at least 3 blocks, aspect ratio should be in the range from 4:3 and 16:9)
    3. Create computer (/tcmp create <name>)
    4. Disable selection (/tcmp selection disable)
    Type `/tcmp help' for other subcommands.

    Clientbound computers benefits:

    1. Fixes almost all problems
    2. Make the load on the server very small (because everything runs on the client)
    3. Using some applications becomes more convenient (VirtualBox GUI is much more convenient than setting using the shell =)
    4. Player can use one OS on multiple servers
    5. Anyone can make their own OS (or use the OS that others have made) and use it on server (There will be no threat to the server, because everything runs on the player's computer)

      Configuring server for clientbound computers:​

      To do this, you need to have at least one free port on the server that accessible from outside.

      Recommended settings in config.yml:

      server-ipIn almost all cases this should be
      server-portAny free port that accessible from outside
      allow-serverbound-computersDecide for yourself. For weak servers and servers with a large number of computers, I recommend setting it to false
      server-nameAnything (Server name)
      client-download-linkIf the server has its own client (custom OS), paste the download URL here

      Creating clientbound computer:​

      1. Download client: https://github.com/JNNGL/TotalComputers-Client/releases
      2. Generate token: /tcmp token
      3. Run client and connect to server
      4. Create clientbound computer: /tcmp client bind <computer name>

        • totalcomputers.plugin.manage - Players with this permission can change/reload plugin configuration
        • totalcomputers.command.totalcomputers - Allow access to the /totalcomputers command
        • totalcomputers.manage.all - Players with this permission can create/remove computers without any restrictions
        • totalcomputers.manage.crafted - Players with this permission can manage their computers. Overrides totalcomputers.selection permission.
        • totalcomputers.selection - Players with this permission can select area.
        • totalcomputers.use - Players with this permission can use computers.
        • totalcomputers.admin - Players with this permission can use computers as administrator.

        Crafting recipes:

        Сrafting recipe for computers can be created/changed in config.yml file
        row1: ODO
        row2: DSD
        row3: ODO
        - D diamond
        - O obsidian
        - S nether-star

        Something about TotalOS SDK:
        TotalOS SDK gives possibility to create applications for TotalOS. Currently, the SDK is under active development along with the operating system, and at the moment there are no good examples and documentation to start with, so DM me (Discord: JNNGL#0940) if you are interested.

        OpenGL application example can be found here.
        Console application can be found here.
        Other basic software sources can be found here.
        If you have any issues/questions, DM me (Discord: JNNGL#0940) or write to #support channel on discord server
        If you have any suggestions/ideas, write to #suggestions channel on discord server.
        If you have noticed any bugs, create an issue on GitHub or write to #bugs channel on discord server

        Discord server invitation code: 6fezjgfK7F
        Progress70% complete
        Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

        9 Update Logs

        Total Computers v0.10.2b + Total Computers Client v0.11b-p2 : by JNNGL 06/26/2022 1:05:12 pmJun 26th, 2022

        • Protocol 2
        • Fixed bugs

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        01/15/2023 6:27 am
        Level 1 : New Miner
        User4437335D avatar
        The link to the discord server is outdated, where can I find a new link to the server?
        06/29/2022 11:10 am
        Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
        Cool Puzzler
        Cool Puzzler avatar
        WOW, just WOW
        05/30/2022 10:25 pm
        Level 37 : Artisan Creeper
        OptimalFlash avatar
        Playing minecraft in minecraft
        05/30/2022 9:03 pm
        Level 38 : Artisan Artist
        roisHh avatar
        Really nice work guys!!! : )
        05/21/2022 11:09 am
        Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
        Mafia avatar
        1.18.2 version pretty please 🙏 🙏 🙏
        05/21/2022 12:16 pm
        Level 26 : Expert Modder
        JNNGL avatar
        this plugin already supports mc 1.8-1.18.2
        05/22/2022 12:26 pm
        Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
        Mafia avatar
        04/26/2022 11:31 pm
        Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
        Mafia avatar
        Rip to all the attention that this deserves that it will never see. This is so cool tbh.
        04/24/2022 5:23 am
        Level 1 : New Miner
        NJ007 avatar
        Most underrated minecraft bukkit plugin ever. I have tried it and OMG, I don't have words to explain. I had a doubt and joined the author's discord server, and received instant support. My rating is 5 stars. I wanna give more actually.
        04/22/2022 2:12 pm
        Level 14 : Journeyman System
        LSDog avatar
        the coolest plugin i ever seen
        (imaging that playing minecraft js version in minecraft?)
        Planet Minecraft


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