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1.12.2 structure block creations (traps tutorial)

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sambriadeclan avatar sambriadeclan
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
1 out of 4 traps have been completed.
All of the traps are in the form of a tutorial.
I'm sitting on the fence as to if I should make an non-tutorial version, so please do comment and tell me, and if I get positive responses, I may consider making some.
1st trap: chest pit trap (can be found below)
2nd trap: slime piston fall damage based trap (coming soon)
3rd and 4th trap: pls comment below to give me some ideas, thks!

I recommend installing my "creative+" module into your world as it makes creative building less irritating and annoying. (can also be found below)

to install any .nbt structure files:
1. download the file into an accessible place on your laptop
2. do command+r or windows+r
3. type %appdata% in the box
4. press "enter"
5. click ".minecraft"
6. click "saves" (assuming you have a creative world ready. if not, make a preferably superflat world and reload the .minecraft folder.)
7. click "structures"
8. save the .nbt file into the "structures" folder in the ".minecraft" folder.

to install any minecraft structures:
1. ensure that u r in creative mode (if not, try /gamemode c. if that doesn't work, create a new world. preferably superflat tunneler's dream)
2. find a flat space that is has at least 25 by 25 space and ensure that there is nothing on top.
3. make a 1*1*1 hole in the ground.
4. do "/give @p minecraft:structure_block"
5. place the structure block in the hole.
6. right click it and set the mode to "load" (triple click on the mode button.)
7. in the box, type the name of the structure you want to load. (or the name that the .nbt file is saved as e.g. chestpittrap.nbt is chestpittrap in the box)
8. set "load entities" to yes
9. click "load"
10. ensure that the boundary indicated by the white/blue/red/green lines is completely empty. (if not, change the x/y/z coordinates relative to the structure block's position. press (Fn +) F3 to check which way you are facing e.g. if you want to shift it forward, you will change the x coordinate by -1 or 1 depending on tne direction that you face.)
11. click "load" in the structures block again to install the structure.

load names for the downloadable structures
chest pit trap: chestpittrap
creative+ module: creative+module

please do report and bugs/suggestions/resposes in the comments secton below. ENJOY!
Progress25% complete

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10/18/2017 5:44 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
sambriadeclan avatar
Umm... I accidentally added a photo into the submission. anyone knows how to delete it?
10/18/2017 6:31 am
Level 41 : Master Ninja
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Click "Update Project" then go to "Images&Video", there you can delete it.
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