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[1.14.4] Interactive Minigames: Bedrock Edition

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Bedrock Edition
Interactive Nordic avatar Interactive Nordic
Level 59 : Grandmaster Network
This minigame project includes a total of 8 minigames, and they are all co-op friendly. A couple of them is also meant to be played with two or more players, but most are singleplayer friendly. You can also collect a trophy at most of the minigames, which you can then display in the Trophy Room.

There are 50 short parkour courses that you have to go through. There are multiple points in which you can set your spawnpoint in case you die, but not at every level as this makes it a bit more challenging.

There are a total of 6 dropper maps, each with it's own design. Some are easier than the others, and some are a lot harder.

Find the Button
There are a total of 15 levels of Find the Button, in which you, well, have to find the button. When you press it in Level 1, you will be thrown into Level 2, and so on.

The classic game of PvP! You can play with as many friends as possible on each of the 4 arenas, but I recommend having 2-4 players for the best experience!

Yes, we have a little PvE game, and this one is basically just to have fun. There are lots of options for you to choose from; choose your weapons, armor, game difficulty, spawn mobs at your own pace, and just have fun!

In the Trivia game, we have made 4 themes, each with 15 questions. Before you play two of these Trivia games, I recommend you play through our "Kingdoms - Chapter 1" and "The Zombie Apocalypse II" maps!

The final game is split into two games; you can either practice shooting with a bow and arrow by yourself, or you can play with a friend to fight using only bows.

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