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1.14.4 World Download Rustic Fantasy

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Greyfux's Avatar Greyfux
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
Hello I'm pretty excited to be releasing the first downloadable version of my YouTube creative series world!

I've put a lot of work into the world so far and really want people to check it out for themselves. Naturally the images only go so far, so enjoy the world Tour Video as well!

It is recommended that you use a couple of resource packs if you do want to check it out; those being:
A little taste of Jerms
A little taste of terracotta
Better Leaves
All 3 of these can be found in the description section of this Jermsy Boy video - being the original creator of the resource packs listed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAZxT9QUYJg&t=68s

I will say you can view it without the resource packs and for the most part things will be fine, however without the Little taste of Terracotta add on pack some of the building really wont work.

If you want to check out the series in which I make all of these builds then here is a link to the full playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EBCP1bNV7s&list=PLQaR3O66N50tqrVXIb_k0nkiR4xOfl93-u

What I like about the playlist is you really see me learn how to use both worldedit and the replay mod as I go.

The music used in all but the last two videos (33 and the world tour) was created by me using reason 10. Here's a link to my Spotify channel for some of my music: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3iP2FJTo09iqoqu2fB64y4?si=4PLULIbETBKuYTMcdrBRgA

I'm also working on a survival project, working around the Japanese Theme, traditional, so here's a link to that as well if you feel like having a watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C72uAF6nbZI&list=PLQaR3O6N50tpcsyA7bMM38VThgvtzewSu&index=1

Finally I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite episode from the series and thank you for checking it a ll out. It's been a lot of fun thus far and I'm excited to get back into it.

Path Fort: https://youtu.be/hM8UH5Q55EQ

Mana Pool: youtu.be/JrkLth9Dp2Q

Ciccerane: https://youtu.be/vT3SzOVlF-s

The Library: https://youtu.be/bPVALcT9iyg

Goblin Under City: https://youtu.be/Jt1UIhQRiGE

Haille: https://youtu.be/VyfC5rAnDqQ

Large Fort: https://youtu.be/NYYEAiH8yT4

Enjoy the videos and enjoy the map.

Feel free to use it for whatever you'd like, continue to expand it if you want. I'd love to see what other people can come up with for the world. If you upload youtube videos using the map please link people back here, or at the least link me to the video becuase I would love to see what you do with it!

Final Words:

I will be coming back to this series and expanding it in future. For now my focus is shifted on to my survival world and that takes up a large amount of time per episode. But soon we shall return to this project and continue the world expansion!
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10/17/2019 3:07 am
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
Greyfux's Avatar
Just as a heads up to anyone downloading the map. I've been told by a few people they are experiencing some lag, if so it's likely due to a map room I have underneath the Farm house. If you go into spectator mode you should find it easily enough just destroy the maps and you should be fine.
10/16/2019 7:00 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
DiavoloYoshikage's Avatar
Great job! Might be a nice fuel for my inspirations.
10/16/2019 8:17 am
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
Greyfux's Avatar
Thank you very much! Glad you can use it for inspiration!
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