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【1.14.x】Pioneer of Minecraff-Island, respects CATAN【Game】

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Pioneer the new Island !

Do you know the board game "CATAN", the famous board game by Klaus Teuber ?

In this world, you can enjoy pioneering the island called "Minecraff Island" as if you play the original game.

This world has 2 gamemode.

・Normal GAME
For 3~4 poeple. You can play the game as usual.

・For beginners
For 3~4 poeple. The distribution of tiles and the initial settlements and roads are all determined and each players
select which color they use.

・This is only for Minecraft ver 1.14.x (1.14.4 is the most recommended). If you open the world in before ver 1.13.x
or after 1.15.x or relating Snapshot, please delete the data and use the new downloaded one.
・This is only for Banila Server. I don't confirm the work in Plugin Server or MOD server.
・I don't take responsible to the maifunction of your machine which occured in this world.
・You must not pretend as if you create the world. However the privacy of the original game attributes Klaus Teuber.
・Playing on youtube or other multi-medias is free, but getting advertising revenue needs to report to me.

【How to play】
You can find signs on th gold block, so click there and you can get a START BOOK and 2 manuals.
On START BOOK, the 2 gamemode are written. Only a player who has OP privilege can select and carry out it.

Then you can get the new book for setting games.

Decide the following and finaly start the game.
・The participants
・Distribution of tiles (Normal MODE)


If you have some trouble on this game,Please contact me.

presented by fillesces
Project fillesces
twitter: fillesces_sogyo
Progress100% complete

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