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111 SUB SPECIAL - Nether Castle

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carlosmith's Avatar carlosmith
Level 49 : Master Architect
Well, the milestone has been passed. Starting from 3 subs to 5 to 20 to 50. Now, we've made it. This is my 111 subscriber special ! Thanks to each one of you guys for subscribing and looking at my builds. I couldn't have done it without any of your pretty faces. As for the build itself, this is a nether themed castle I made in my freetime after school and thought I'd use it for a subscriber special. Yes the worldedit around the castle is bad and I left it that way only because I wanted the focus on the actual structure itself. But anyways, yeah. If you want to use this for your server go ahead just give me proper credit. Don't resell this for your own commercial use. Please diamond, favorite, and subscribe for more ! 

Interested in having me make something for your server? Contact me on my websiteClick Here , to see what I have to offer.
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Update #1 : by carlosmith 08/19/2014 9:05:37 pmAug 19th, 2014

Thanks to everyone for the nice feedback! Expect a very special build in the near future also :D

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07/24/2019 4:25 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
Goldorion's Avatar
It's very nice ! Good work !
07/19/2016 1:01 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
qq1301692703's Avatar
Hi carlosmith! I'm an editor of China.
I've found your new project

111 SUB SPECIAL - Nether Castle

. It's really a nice job.
Therefore I'm here to ask if I could repost your project to our website MCBBS:www.mcbbs.net/forum.php.
However, due to the fact that our country has blocked a lot of foreign websites.
So could you allow us create a new Chinese downlink.
I will list your name and the original website clearly.
09/30/2014 4:54 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
Rabidrex37's Avatar
70 diamonds...
now 71 :D
08/24/2014 10:21 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
Prionic's Avatar
Can't say I've ever seen someone build a Nether castle before! Bonus points for originality!
08/19/2014 9:27 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Architect
Schnogot's Avatar
nice man :D
08/19/2014 8:40 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
emissaryofinfinity's Avatar
Excellent work here. I look forward to seeing future projects of yours.
08/18/2014 9:33 am
Level 25 : Expert Architect
klotz_klotz's Avatar
great job!
08/18/2014 9:14 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
AlthalosBuilds's Avatar
I have to say, I have always wondered what a spawn in the Nether would look like; all the spawns in the Nether, in which I have seen before, were mediocure at best. But, this spawn, it encompasses everything you would look for in the Nether and the comfort of spawn. This even perfectly integrates Nether like material and regular Minecraft material. Brilliant, simply Brilliant!
08/17/2014 10:12 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
Anwill's Avatar
08/17/2014 10:05 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
spawnofthedead's Avatar
love it cahl!
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