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[1.4.7] 2,784 Melon Automatic Farm

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avatar Andronomos
Level 45 : Master Engineer
This is a melon farm that I designed on a CMP server. Contains 2,784 melons hooked up to 2,784 normal pistons. All tied to 1 switch.

Note: It tends to double as a squid farm, lol.
Progress100% complete

02/16/2013 10:46 am
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
Darn, after seeing your cactus farm post I was going to make a melon farm. I guess you already had one built...Well, it looks good. I may give some feed back after looking at it. Diamond, sub, download.
02/16/2013 2:55 pm
Level 45 : Master Engineer
Yeah, I already had 2 versions built on the creative MP server lol. This one is nice and produces over a full inventory if you wait for even only half the melons to grow.

This one has a few flaws in it though: Lots of squids spawn in it and there's no way to access the core without flying. I was thinking about taking another crack at it and trying to fix those issues. I'd like to cover the bottom in stairs and slabs but the view through the ice is nice. If you want to make one, feel free, you could even use this design as a base.
02/17/2013 3:41 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
The only thing I would change is to make it automatic. I am working on a small, tileable,BUD switch that would work nicely. I am just having some troubles compacting it. What is the server ip? Is it whitlisted? I would be very interested in doing some restone on a server!
02/17/2013 9:07 pm
Level 45 : Master Engineer
I built an automatic version the creative server that uses a timer to make the pistons all fire every few minutes. It just doesn't work well in the regular game because mobs are disabled on the creative server and they use a server that groups items more than the default game so in a normal game, the items fly everywhere. So I built this one to plug up all the holes and add an ice floor for extra speed. I just don't like having a 100 repeater timer so I didn't use it this time. I also didn't see a need in making it harvest when no one was using it. If I find a way to either make a more compact timer or something, I may try that again.

I would have went with a bud switch but in 1.5 those aren't gonna work the same, possibly not at all, so I didn't want to use them and have this hole thing been broken in a week or 2.

These are the server they operate:
Creative: mc.renmx.com
Survival (includes towny and deadbolt): mc.renmx.com:3

You have to have a rank to build on the creative server though because too many people joined just to grief. It's easy to rank up though, just build something cool on the survival server or donate a dollar. If you rank up high enough or donate enough, you get access to world edit commands. I use them to help build these large farms and then export it to SP for final touches and image renders and things.
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