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[14w11b/1.8] RandomCraftingChallenge

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Level 1 : New Miner

[14w11b/1.8] RandomCraftingChallenge Minecraft Map

Hello again everybody! After some suggestions, consideration, and planning. I have designed a second edition of the original RandomCraftingChallenge

For those of you who don't know, the RandomCraftingChallenge is a challenge map which is pretty much freeform survival. Your goal is to defeat the ender dragon. Sounds simple enough, right?

Here's the catch: There are no caves or ores underground!

Your survival, and your ability to acquire resources centers around a very ironic premise, crafting crafting tables. If you craft a crafting table, and place it in a bedrock frame at the spawn of the map, a random block will be generated. Using this, you must attain enough resources to fight the ender dragon. This means you need iron to mine diamond, diamond to mine obsidian, obsidian to go to the nether, the nether to fight blazes, blazes to get blaze rods, blaze rods for eyes of ender, and eyes of ender to complete the portal. That is the shortest path you can possibly take.

There is no stronghold in the map, so you will have to go exploring. Once you find the right place, the end portal frame has to be assembled with, you guessed it, crafting tables.

I highly enjoy this map, and think it is quite the challenge. I will post any video playthroughs in the topic.

Screenies: http://imgur.com/a/E5ozt
(The house we built, it does not come standard with the map. These are from our playthrough.)

I hope you enjoy, and if you complete the map, send some screenshots, and give us your total amount of crafting tables spent.

Good luck!

Progress100% complete

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