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[1.7.2][ADV] Payday the Heist : First Diamond Bank

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SovericAxiom avatar SovericAxiom
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
Payday The Heist : First Diamond Bank
by SovericAxiom

Please diamond and comment :D

Welp, after a whole afternoon of tons of experimenting and self-testing, I edited the mobs so it'd be balanced.

Also, 1.6 should have fixed the multiplayer command block problem where it doesn't show all of say.

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Do not attack the pigmen until after you kill the manager.


It's been years since you started as a professional criminal, robbing small places, stealing, and assassinating for money. A man named Bain, someone you've never actually seen in person, always gives you good ideas to get money. After all these years under his mentorship, you've become a professional criminal. Earlier, Bain told you to come to a safehouse. There, you saw 3 others. Suddenly, a TV screen lit up, showing a man with an indestinguishable face. The man said, "Hello, and welcome to your new lives. You all know me as Bain. That will not change. I have given you all guides in these past years to get money, but ultimately, it was to train you to become the best Heisters the world has ever known. You four will take on the most challenging of heists, and become rich in the process. People may think of you as common criminals, but your all hard-working men. Because every man....needs a payday."

After a week of learning the plan, getting to know your teamates, and working up on your skills, you are ready. It's time to put your training to good use. It's time to rob the world's richest bank, the First Diamond Bank. It's time...for your PAYDAY.


1. Find the manager in the cafeteria, right of the main room.
2. Kill him, and take his card(lever).
3. Go up the stairs in the cafeteria, and keep going until you see the server room.
4. Use the card to get into the server room, and activate the lever to start the drill.
5. Take the gas and lighter(flint and steel).
6. Go to the drill room(left of the main room)
7. Hold out for about 2-3minutes until the drill finishes(tnt explodes breaking the cell)
8. Go in, fight your way through the elevator room, and use the gas and lighter on the room above the vault.
9. Go through the hole and take all of the loot.
10. Take the c4(tnt) and fight your way through the lobby, and up the cafeteria stairs, into the Escape room(obsidian room).
11. Use the c4 to destroy the doors, and escape.
12. Congratulations, you are now rich-as-hell heisters.


It's a minecraft version of Payday the Heist's first mission, First World Bank.
It's altered a bit here and there.
Please leave a comment of what you think, if you recorded a session of it on youtube, or anything else you want to comment.
It's my first map, though I think I did a pretty good job on it :3
You should spawn in at
x -19
y 237
z 2

I highly recommend doing this with 2-3 friends.

Credits :
SovericAxiom(Me, the creator. I made everything myself, but got some tips from others)
JustACrazyDude(Someone who taught me some things about MCEdit)
Maxoknh(Also helped me learn MCEdit)

Thanks to Sethbling's filters for helping me edit spawners.
Progress100% complete

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Update #15 : by SovericAxiom 07/07/2013 9:11:32 pmJul 7th, 2013

updated link

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06/26/2018 1:42 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
flemango994 avatar
BEst BEst fesüfewpo est BEst dfkaw*0qj

07/11/2015 10:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
whatevermy_nameis avatar
Can you put mask in this map
12/20/2013 2:31 pm
Level 40 : Master Scribe
nightmayer19 avatar
Diamond! :P Nice video, dude! :D
11/23/2013 2:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
[_Sol_] avatar
Really fun map, played it with some friends, was going to record it but the recording program failed :(
+Diamond and +Fave
07/07/2013 9:45 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Kitten
G-Fiti avatar
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07/04/2013 1:48 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
QubeCraft avatar
We made a mobarena of this one, but me made use of a lot more blocks and more detail. If you don't believe me, comment me and i will show you!
07/04/2013 1:51 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
SovericAxiom avatar
Oh cool :D
Is it on your server?
And does it include all of the missions?
07/04/2013 1:52 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
SovericAxiom avatar
mind white-listing lilyloops?
07/04/2013 2:08 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
QubeCraft avatar
It's mobarena, that means that you have to survive in the First World Bank. We are currently planning to make the actual mission in full lenght plus all the possible achievements, but we have mulitple other projects to finish first like the Survival Games
07/04/2013 2:09 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
QubeCraft avatar
I've whitelisted you
07/04/2013 2:25 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
SovericAxiom avatar
If you wanted, I could help with some of that stuff.
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